The River

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Feb 07, 2012 - Mar 20, 2012








Emmet - Bruce GreenwoodLincoln - Joe AndersonTess - Leslie HopeLena - Eloise MumfordClark - Paul BlackthorneKurt - Thomas KretschmannEmilio - Daniel ZacapaA.J. - Shaun ParkesJahel - Paulina Gaitan

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His family will search for him into the unknown

Six months ago, famous explorer and TV star Dr. Emmet Cole went missing during an expedition deep within the Amazon jungle. When a sign surfaces to indicate that he might still be alive, his wife son agree to let a cagey producer join their search and film it as a documentary.

Once there, the group's adventure takes an unexpected turn when they encounter seemingly supernatural, unexplained occurrences.

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06/19/12 at 00:17am

I really loved this show, it was unique, exciting, scarry and interesting. We should demand that each new series should make a contract with us that if they cancel a series, that they are required to continue to make enough episodes to tie up the story. Either that or we refuse to watch any new shows. Also, I think they should take a poll and or have an online vote to see how well it is really doing. I mostly watch shows on demand, so I don't know if they are counting that. Anyways, they really need to showsome respect for our feelings, since they are wanting us to invest them in their shows.
06/16/12 at 11:36pm

We can't be sure just what the writers had planned for the story line, but it did look to me that it was going to get old very quick. I've always found it strange that some folks find it hard to accept the positive spiritual experiences of some, and so easily accept the more mystical as being valid. In this aspect, this show went south really fast. Guess I'm just one of those "bible thumpers" "clinging to God and guns".
But I can see how some might find it entertaining. I for one will not miss it.
06/03/12 at 01:02pm

Okay, ABC, you are pissing me off! This show was really cool. Crossing Steven Spielberg and the director of "Paranormal Activity" was brilliant. *sigh*
05/26/12 at 01:38am

REALLY??? damn you abc damn you!!! so the series ends with they die horribly. hopefully abc will follow suit!
05/23/12 at 03:06am

I agree with all the comments my friends have made about ABC. Why is it only about the ratings? Sometimes ratings can pick up in the new season (with the advertising). This also adds to broadcasting re-runs of the first season and so on. So many GOOD and interesting shows are cancelled because of stupid ratings in the FIRST year!!!
The Event, Flash forward, peolpe unknown, Camelot went the same way. I'm gonna have to leave watching tv shows.
Nikki Green
05/19/12 at 08:01pm

My boyfriend is so distraught over this, he can't stand most things on television but he would actually call me from work and say quote, " hun I'm excited my show is on tonight!" which sounds like me when it comes to my shows, ABC really dissappointed him. He will boycott ABC from now on. Major loss for them.
05/18/12 at 08:40pm

Just when you get all into a show BOOM it's gone! This brings The Event to mind. The River was also a different style of show as far as being supernatural/sci-fi and just as the layers were starting to peel away and you were possibly going to get answers to big questions.... well,you know the rest!
Dave Campbell
05/15/12 at 09:11pm

wow couldn't even finish this one???? geez, what is going on with TV. every good show on my DVR is cancelled..........this is ridiculous....yeah networks, bring us some more high jinx with irresponsible alcoholics....thanks for wasting all of our time......
05/14/12 at 06:32pm

I agree on boycotting ABC! for the mere fact they keep cancelling shows after one season. Our household has quit watching ABC. Even talked my moms house to stop as well. We no longer watch Grey's, Private Practice & several others because of ABC's way of cancelling show's after only one season. And we are sick of it!!
05/14/12 at 03:05pm

I watched the entire Season & loved this show!!!!!! DONT CANCEL!!!!!! This show deserves 1 more Season!!!

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