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Sep 17, 2013 - Feb 11, 2014








Warner - Giovanni RibisiEli - Seth GreenCrawford - Martin MullDavid - Peter RiegertCamila - Vanessa LacheyVeronica - Brenda SongEdna - Tonita Castro

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A comedy following two friends in their 30's whose dads move in with them.

Eli and Warner are childhood best friends who grew up together and are now in their mid-30's. While their lives may be different than when they were younger, the two have managed to stay close. But now with their bothersome fathers moving in with each of them, their somewhat-stable lives are turned upside down.

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06/04/14 at 06:57pm

This was a great show. Stupid networks canceling Allah the good shows
05/29/14 at 06:56am

As usual the network mucky mucks screw the public. I loved the show. The part of Edna was great, always got a laugh from me. Probably will put a reality show in it's place, go figure. MKL
05/24/14 at 03:55am

Too bad... This was a very funny show. The humor and the writing were quick and witty! Another STUPID move from FOX!!!
05/18/14 at 04:47pm

Canceling this show is appropriate. Unfortunately, this show was not remotely humorous. The acting wasn't great, the writing poor, i didn't feel a chemistry between anyone.
05/16/14 at 04:39pm

That was one of the best shows I've ever seen. Who made the dumb decision to cancel such a good show? You should have advertised the show more. I found alot of people didn't even know about the show until I told them to watch it. We all the love the show, be smart and bring it back. Sometimes you high and mighty book smart people have no common sense. Get out to your big corporate chair and find out what the little people like and that would be DADS.
05/11/14 at 08:55pm

Screw you FOX. You had a great show that I actually thought was very funny and you decide to cancel it?
Watch they will probably put on some dumb show or maybe a dumb game show in it's time slot.
05/10/14 at 08:24am

05/09/14 at 02:15pm

That show was awesome, Guess it will get replaced by some reality fake show or some damn competition show
05/09/14 at 08:23am

Again with the cancelling of good shows, this made me laugh and laugh!!!! what a great cast. Will be missed :(. I really think that it was better the way it was, where new series started in September and ended in May, and the summer wasn't full of new shows.. but a time to catch up on reruns... with new shows every 3 months it seems, it is overdosing on shows, and people have no time for them all...
04/28/14 at 11:18am

Huff post reports DADS is cxl.

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