Do No Harm

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Jan 31, 2013 - Sep 07, 2013








Jason/Ian - Steven PasqualeLena - Alana de la GarzaOlivia - Ruta GedmintasVanessa - Phylicia RashadKenneth - Michael EsperWill - John Carroll LynchEli - Mousa KraishJosh - Samm Levine

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A drama following a neurosurgeon who has a dangerous alternate personality.

Dr. Jason Cole is a successful neurosurgeon with a secret. He has an alternate personality known as Ian Price that takes over his body every night. While Jason keeps Ian at bay with the help of a powerful pharmaceutical concoction, Jason is starting to find he can no longer control his lethal side, which is starting to grow immune to his serum.

Comments (37)

10/19/13 at 03:25am

Another great show cancelled. Why God, why?????
09/21/13 at 03:51am

Why not bring this show back? The ending was so awesome and left plenty of opening for another season. Needless to say, getting rid of Jason was sad - but I'm sure with some good writing the show could go on. Come on - this show was awesome and exciting!
09/15/13 at 05:35pm

I am glad to have seen the 13 episodes. Sending this out to the ether. . . really found this show to be terrific with great characters and would like to see its return.
Bobbie Luneke
09/14/13 at 03:54pm

I would have liked to see this show go further.
09/08/13 at 09:13am

Is there any way to know if they have or are going to make a season 2? This show was awesome!!! I really want to see another season, or 5? :)
maria chiappetta
09/07/13 at 09:16pm

Well its over and never the less I'm left hanging! I wish you all would continue to another season. Even though "goodbye Jason" was said...doesn't mean it has 2be the end. Surely gonna miss this show.
07/20/13 at 04:05pm

they never give shows enough time to gain a good following. I enjoyed watching the show and was glad when they began airing the final episodes. when ever a good show comes out it seems thay people just won't have it& they have to cancel it to bring out some lame retarded crappy show to replace it. sadly it seems like that's becoming the norm. how disappointing!
07/14/13 at 09:33pm

This show is back on the air. The website needs to update their website.
07/02/13 at 09:39pm

I loved this show! loved the main character's dramatic switch between good and evil. I thought it was well done
06/17/13 at 03:17pm


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