Liv and Maddie

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Jul 19, 2013 - Mar 24, 2017






Liv / Maddie - Dove CameronJoey - Joey BraggParker - Tenzing Norgay TrainorPete - Benjamin KingKaren - Kali Rocha

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A comedy following identical twins and their tight-knit family.

Liv and Maddie Rooney have always shared a special bond that only identical twins can, and are excited to be reunited once Liv returns home to Wisconsin after starring on a hit TV show in Hollywood for the past four years.

While they may be twin sisters, the girls are definitely each their own person. Liv is a confident, social butterfly who loves to sing, while Maddie is smart, athletic, and more laid back.

With Liv home again, the twins now share the same bedroom, and before long Maddie realizes that close quarters may not be to her liking. But even though they have different personalities and dreams, Liv and Maddie's bond is unbreakable, and together they can get through anything.

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03/25/17 at 11:17am

why liv and maddie ???
03/25/17 at 11:16am

I hate disney !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
03/25/17 at 11:14am

I now hate Disney they :
1:canceled girl meets world (best show ever)
2:now are canceling Liv and Maddie :(
03/24/17 at 10:33pm

Disney is canceling the good show i don't want to watch Disney channel anymore the producer are dump they going to lose kids and parent that watch Disney channel i love liv and maddie and girl meet world you ruin television Disney channel
03/24/17 at 05:11pm

don't cancel liv and maddie i love it
Disney Hater
03/24/17 at 07:14am

I hate Disney now because they cancel all the good shows and replace them with stupid, crappy stuff like Elena of Avolor that is one of the stupidest shows I've ever seen. Next thing you know Bunk'd is going to get canceled and replaced with crappy stuff. Disney I hope you know that you ruined my T.V. experience forever. Disney are hateful idiots for canceling one of my favorite shows
Angela Rotell tierney
03/11/17 at 10:59am

Very upset there is no shows for our children to watch. There replaced with shows that make no sense. Non educational and no family values. Very angry mom
03/03/17 at 03:03pm

Why is Disney taking off all the good show? They cancel the good ones and then replace them with these stupid shows that aren't worth a crap.
03/01/17 at 03:18pm

so, first girl meet world now liv and Maddie what's next if you end descendants wicked world I will never watch Disney channel again same with liv and Maddie I already mad that you canceled girl meets world!!!!!!! Disney if your reading this I am not kidding!!!!!!!!!!
Lexi Gauthier
12/15/16 at 04:43pm

Please do not cancel the show I love that show It makes me happy I am sad It's my favorite show I witch it ever day when I come home from school i all ways go upstairs and see if they is more but ther was no more and now i am sad

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