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Feb 04, 2013 - Apr 08, 2013




Drama / Medical




Tyler - Jamie BamberTina - Jennifer FinniganBuck - Bill IrwinHarding - Alfred MolinaSydney - Sarayu RaoJorge - Ving RhamesSung - Keong SimJohn - Jonathan Silverman

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A medical drama based on a novel by Sanjay Gupta.

Monday Mornings follows five doctors in their professional and personal lives at a Portland hospital.

Comments (332)

01/17/14 at 01:26am

What the hay???? The best medical show on TV since ER debuted. Is it all just based on ratings? You just can't keep a show on just because it's a good show???
Reggie DeCuire
12/17/13 at 08:37pm

Monday Mornings is a great show please bring it back me and my friends loved watching it. We live in different cities and we would always chat about the weekly episodes.
12/17/13 at 06:46pm

This stinks! Why would you cancel such a great show?
My husband and I loved this show. It'd be nice if you brought it back.
Jeanette Cohen
12/10/13 at 01:08pm

Why oh why have you decided to cancel this really good programme.
11/27/13 at 03:58pm

This show has a 8.5 rating, why would you cancel it ?!?!?!
cathi davis
11/26/13 at 05:35pm

Figures--if it's a good show let's cancel it!!!! Bull cookies!!!!
11/23/13 at 03:35pm

My wife and I have just watched 4 episodes back to back and we're absolutely hooked.. Great cast, great characters and well written... Season 2 PLEASE!!
11/20/13 at 03:04am

I cant believe they cancelled Monday Mornings, it is one of the best shows on Television. The characters were fresh and left me wanting to know more about them. You people have made a big mistake. You need time for the show to catch on, not a lousy 10 episodes! SHAME ON YOU
11/15/13 at 05:04pm

This was a very good medical show...I loved ALL the characters...I am a huge fan and avid supporter of Grey's Anatomy but whereas the chatacters on it are not usually held accountable for their actions...that is why I loved Monday Mornings. The realism of it and the fact that the Dr's get called out for the things they did wrong but also for the things they did right. I. just think it would be a shame to cancel a show with such potential after only a few episodes...please reconsider!
11/15/13 at 10:10am

Once we get a great positive show IT GETS CANCELLED!!
So dumb😞 please bring back

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