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Oct 22, 2013 - Feb 04, 2014








Caleb - Tyler BlackburnMiranda - Nicole Gale AndersonRaymond - Steven CabralLuke - Brett DierOlivia - Merritt PattersonRemy - Britne Oldford

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A teen drama following a group of strangers brought together by a curse plaguing their town.

In this spin-off of Pretty Little Liars, the lives of five strangers become intertwined by a deadly curse that has plagued their town of Ravenswood, PA for generations. What mysteries will they uncover by digging into the town's past to try and end the curse?

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02/19/14 at 11:35pm

Please bring back Ravenswood 😭😭 I love the show. I need to know how they're going to break the curse
02/18/14 at 04:12pm

This is beyond stupid. I hate how ABC Family does this. Firs Jane by Design, The Lying Games, and now this show. WHICH WAS MY FAVORITE SHOW. It didn't even end off well. What are we supposed to do now, imagine? Wtf.
02/18/14 at 12:26pm

At first I was disappointed how the show turned out to be and that caleb needed to leave PLL because I loved him and Hanna but after seeing the episode I am very sad its canceled! It has tension and some kind of "forbidden" or rather "impossible" love and its mysterious somehow! Please don't cancel it :(((
02/16/14 at 11:38am

This show was awful! Just bad writing, horrible plot and complaining characters.
02/15/14 at 07:03am

Please bring Ravenswood back! I love it, along with PLL!
02/14/14 at 11:27pm

I love Ravenswood! PLL is still outstanding but i've became to lovve the series! Like stated earlier closer is necessary if the show os cancelled
02/14/14 at 11:27pm

looks like Caleb will be heading back to Rosewood this show was okay! Still made about when they canceled the lying game, what a loss!!
02/14/14 at 09:02pm

Unfortunately the show got cancelled :( so mad!
02/13/14 at 10:22am

I love Ravenswood! Please renew this show. I have to know what's going to happen next.
02/12/14 at 07:46pm

Please cancel it. It makes me angry what the writers did. I tried watching it but the more I tried the more I got angry about the relationship between hanna and caleb . I havnt and will not watch the show anymore.

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