Brandi and Jarrod: Married to the Job

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Aug 12, 2014 - Sep 30, 2014








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A reality series following the lives of a couple from Storage Wars.

Cameras in this series follow long-time couple and dynamic bidding duo Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz from Storage Wars. Viewers get an inside look at their lives away from the auction game in Orange County, CA, where they raise their two kids and manage their second-hand store.

Comments (23)

06/30/15 at 09:31pm

Those who are commenting negative things about this page are just dumb. If you do not watch it why bother commenting. Idiots
06/04/15 at 07:34am

Since reality TV should be outlawed, it make sense that spin-off shoes from reality TV should be outlawed as well.
Dan Gibson
01/10/15 at 01:07pm

I loved the show bring it back
I love Brandi and her 2 friends!!
Silver dollar . Bring her back!!
12/19/14 at 01:53am

this show is just so bad please a&e cancel this please.
Janise Deprow
12/14/14 at 04:58pm

Alx, you sound mui immature!
Janise Deprow
12/14/14 at 04:57pm

I loved Brandi and Jarrod's spin off. Their kids are darling and their family life was sweet. Jarrod is a bit of a tease but I used to know someone just like him. Makes life fun. They all four care deeply for each other. Please bring it back!
11/18/14 at 09:44pm

I choose anything over storage wars and this lame ass show about average people with supersized ego's. Brandi does have some nice tots!
09/22/14 at 10:39pm

This show is soooo annoying, like who cares about their life? And it's so awkward, like when Jarrod proposed was so funny because Brandi looked so I barraged that he preposed in such a dumb way. I bet he only did it because of the show. Oh and Brandi is getting way too cocky, with her like only "friend" that only follows her around and tries to be funny for the show. Like just cancel this sorry excuse for a show already! Thanks :)
Ray West
09/14/14 at 06:48pm

Mike, Brandi is not in her 40s. She's in her 30s.
Hey Nonny Mouse
09/12/14 at 07:15am

Oh, THIS explains why A&E cancelled Longmire!

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