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May 22, 2014 - Aug 14, 2014




Drama / Action




Ryan - Ramon RodriguezCassius - RZAJavier - Cliff CurtisCarlos - Rey GallegosDaniel - Jay HernandezTae - Sung KangVeronica - Inbar LaviSam - Terry O'QuinnJessica - Shantel VanSanten

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An action drama following an L.A. detective who is also affiliated with one of the city's gangs.

Detective Ryan Lopez is an up-and-coming Los Angeles Gang Task Force detective. What nobody is aware of is that long ago Ryan once pledged allegiance to a powerful Latino gang known as the Los Angelicos.

Despite Ryan's dedication to his job, he still maintains a sense of loyalty to the gang's leader, Javier, who was also a father figure to him growing up. Javier also masterminded Ryan's entry into the police force.

But now Ryan realizes that his dedication to the Los Angelicos is not what it once was. When Ryan's best friend and partner on the force is murdered by a notorious gang member, he teams up with longtime Task Force member Cassius Green, who has been a vocal leader in the city's war on organized crime.

Ryan, together with Cassius and the rest of the police unit, now works to take down the city's most dangerous gangs.

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12/15/14 at 03:16pm

I know Boss wasn't on Fox but I have similar feelings but not as much interest as I have in Gang Related. It IS a spectacular and it showed that crime doesn't pay no matter how organized.
12/15/14 at 03:13pm

I agree with everyone previous posts. My husband and I really got into this show and it was something we talked about when it went off and on the way to work. Even people at work was talking about after it was watched. The critics can't relate to it because they stayed on the porch while growing up. The viewers are paying for the shows they watch; not the critics. They did the same thing with Boss. How can Fox leave us hanging with rodriguez girlfriend getting killed and him turning on his family??? This sucks on so many levels man. What about what the viewers want??? Air it later in the night if you want to but don't cancel. There's always on demand. If parents are worried about it, let them take the precaution of rearing their own children.
12/13/14 at 08:32am

One of the only shows that I look forward to watching since breaking bad. Bring it back or at least put it on fx.
Pauline Marquez
10/31/14 at 10:03pm

I cant't believe you cancelled this. I am in law enforcement and really rated this very high.Great story line. Please do not cancel.
10/26/14 at 11:30am

You CANNOT cancel!!!! Hopefully this show is picked up by another network...Hands down best show/script/writing since "Breaking Bad"!! FOX...PLEASE RECONSIDER!!!!
Sweeney Red
10/23/14 at 11:24am

Gang Related is the best show on Tv right now please please don't cancel the show its the only time I want to watch Tv its better then any police show that's on right now or better on in the past!
Sue W
10/22/14 at 06:06am

What?! This was an EXCELLENT show with great actors....exactly why I hate getting into new shows...they're always cancelled.
10/15/14 at 08:56pm

man gang related is one of the best shows on fox,,they need to bring it back,,just change the day or time it was on same time as rookie blue,,keep it a summer show so we have good shows to watch in summer,,
10/14/14 at 12:42pm

FOX is one of the worst when canceling shows. That's why I didn't start watching sleepy Hollow, because I knew it was going to get canceled...I was wrong and that show should be on for at least two more seasons. I can't win for loosing. Get attached to a show (watch it DVR or online streaming) and it gets canceled. Don't watch a show and it stays on forever. Can TNT at least pick up Gang Related: i.e. Southland?
Kita Menedez
10/12/14 at 03:50pm

I need this show in my life at least 5 more seasons

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