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Jan 07, 2014 - Mar 31, 2014








Gabriel - Josh HollowayLillian - Marg HelgenbergerRiley - Meghan OryChris - Michael RadyShenendoah - John BillingsleyNelson - P. J. Byrne

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A drama following a government agent who gets key intel from a microchip embedded in his brain.

Gabriel Vaughn is a government operative who is is the world's first human to be equipped with a super-computer microchip in his brain. This gives him access to key intelligence from any data center in the world, but also makes him a target for criminals everywhere.

Together with a secret service agent assigned to protect him, Gabriel fights to protect the U.S. against threats from its enemies.

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Eddie munoz
05/27/14 at 08:14pm

dont cancel this show, it is my number one show above person of interest and both ncis shows!!!
David Brierley
05/25/14 at 07:56pm

Im not from America so I don't really know what programmes are on what channels but yet another good show cancelled. Why why why do the trashy reality TV shows never get cancelled but all the good serials do. PLEASE GET RID OF THE KARDASHIANS
05/25/14 at 00:53am

This was a really great show, it had a lot if heart,action and drama, to keep you coming back to see more.Hopefully another network will pick it up.
Priscilla BJornstad
05/21/14 at 08:17pm

This is such a great show. I saw m shocked. This was the first time I got so hooked on a Prime time show on this channel. I don't even feel you gave it a chance. Please reconsider even if it's on another night. Thank you.
05/20/14 at 06:14am

This was another show that I cannot understand why it was canceled, I always typed the shows so I wouldn't miss them
Mary Duff
05/17/14 at 05:32pm

Why can't the summer networks pick this one up? I know they have done that before. How do we get this done? Anyone?
05/17/14 at 01:01pm

You cancel an interesting and intelligent program, but leave trashy reality crap on. Not good
05/15/14 at 09:53pm

NOOOOOO!!!Please do not cancel this wonderful show. Ny hubby and I thoroughly enjoyed tuning into this show weekly. It had a great and different storyline and show idea. I, like so many millions of other Americans are so sick of wonderful shows like this getting cancelled after just one short season but then seeing the awful reality shows keep coming back season after season. So many reality shows are just old annoying news now, we're over them! Tv networks are seriously dumping down the population by continuing to run these awful, catty, immature reality shows and not keeping the shows with really great writing that keeps us coming back each week. We finally have goo tv to watch and you're cancelling one of our favorite shows after giving them just one season to run. So many people are posting across Facebook also asking their friends and family for suggestions on good shows to be tuning into and many are able to go to On demand or the internet and watch th previous episodes to catch up then get drawn into these wonderful shows and, if you just gave them more than one season, the ratings would raise drasticAlly season two because people they trust referred them to a show they love and now they too love the show they were referred to and word keeps spreading and ratings continue rising....but not when you only give the show one season, one chance. Stop being stupid and keep great shows like this running. You will be happily surprised if you do. Otherwise more and more viewers will become disappointed and irritated and, instead of watching the awful reality shows that won't go away, they will quit watching your network altogether and turn to Netflix or Vudu or any of the other companies like thAt, to avoid the horrible reality ridden live tv. BRING INTELLIGENCE BACK, or another network pick it up, but don't throw it away now. It's good, unique writing. It's good and exciting tv to watch and not junk. Stop being stupid, give shows more than one season to prove themselves and allow word to spread about how good it is. Everyday on Facebook, another friend is asking for tv show suggestions because they too are tired of crap tv/reality shows.
05/14/14 at 07:22pm

This is one of the better shows on tv. Cancel a reality tv show. Anyone!
05/14/14 at 03:10pm

Of course one more good show cancelled. However let's keep all the trashy and horrible shows. Let push those down our throats and not give the ones that are good a chance.

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