The Messengers

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Apr 17, 2015 - Jul 24, 2015


The CW


Drama / Sci-fi




Vera - Shantel VanSantenJoshua - Jon FletcherErin - Sofia Black-D'EliaAmy - Madison DellameaRaul - JD PardoPeter - Joel CourtneyRose - Anna DiopThe Man - Diogo MorgadoAlan - Craig Frank

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A drama following five strangers who become connected after a mysterious object explodes plummets to Earth.

After a mysterious object plummets to Earth and explodes, the resulting shock wave instantly connects five strangers who awaken after the pulse with extraordinary gifts. When a mysterious figure known as The Man appears, bringing death and suffering everywhere he goes, it is clear that the wheels of Revelation have started to turn. These five newly christened Angels of the Apocalypse are now the only hope for preventing the impending Rapture.

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07/24/15 at 10:52pm

This is an awesome show and it is really stupid of them to cancel it after only a few episodes. It gets better and better, but after they cancelled it, most people stopped watching and missed the best part of it. I stopped watching it too, thinking why get involved, but I watched the rest anyways and fell in love with it. I don't know why CW would spend all that money to make a show and not give it a fair chance. This is why I don't like network channels. They don't make shows to please the audience, but only to please their real employers which are the advertisers. I really hope Netflix or Amazon picks it up or any of the pay channels, that go to a lot of trouble to please their real employers, which are us. They never end a series without finishing the whole storyline and goes out with a great ending.
the doctor
07/22/15 at 10:33pm

The reaon the ad says season finale is because that is what the episode was supposed to be. Shame it was an excellent show
07/20/15 at 10:37pm

I was noticed that as well Jordan! Let's hope it keeps going!
07/18/15 at 06:48pm

has anyone noticed that the ad for the final episode still claims it is the SEASON finale. not series finale but season finale. did something change about this being cancelled? cause i hope so this is awesome.
07/18/15 at 03:42pm

Really????? Another good show cancelled?
07/12/15 at 11:44am

Ok, but the show is not being canceled until July 24th! The one on the 24th being the last show! So much for another great show being pulled off the air! CW bastards!
07/02/15 at 02:13pm

I loved this show I can't believe they cancelled it
Betty Neeley
06/25/15 at 10:20am

This drama helps us to realize that we must fight for good and rebel against evil in our lives. Please DO NOT CANCEL this inspiring show.
06/19/15 at 03:29am

Love this show. Please reconsider and renew.
06/17/15 at 11:13am

This is a excellent show with all the evil shows on TV good verses evil is awesome but Jane the virgin gets a award fir being immaculate conceptioned

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