Reef Break

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Jun 20, 2019 - Sep 13, 2019




Drama / Crime




Cat - Poppy MontgomeryJake W - Desmond ChiamAna - Melissa BonneJake E - Ray Stevenson

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A drama following a thief-turned-fixer in a Pacific Island paradise.

Cat Chambers is a former thief who turned fixer for the governor of a gorgeous Pacific Island paradise. She may be reckless and impulsive, but her troubled past gives her an instinct for understanding crime and how criminals operate.

Cat's reappearance brings old friends and enemies back into her life, including her FBI agent ex-husband, an imprisoned crime boss and a former lover and detective who is in over his head.

Cat's new life makes the line between work and play blurrier than ever as she's wrapped up in fast-paced adventures and island intrigue.

Comments (21)

08/25/19 at 05:16am

I really enjoy tho show! Please keep it! Poppy is awesome in this! Let it find it’s audience! It’s a terrific diversion from some of the other shows!
08/22/19 at 07:18pm

Love this show......please keep it!!!!!!
Steve S.
08/05/19 at 08:45pm

Elizabeth Taylor is so fat she puts mayonnaise on aspirin!

That is one of many fat jokes Joan Rivers laid on Liz. Husband John Warner called her his Little Heifer. There were other strange pet names from her seven husbands.

Both Rivers and Taylor donated a lot of time for aids victims.

Poppy is 47 with three kids and she once played Marilyn Monroe. Her parents named all their daughters after flowers – Poppy, Rosie, Daisy, Lily and Marigold, and their son Jethro Tull, after the rock band Jethro Tull (Wikipedia).
Steve S.
07/27/19 at 06:26pm

Kimberlee - I’m not perfect - the day I mentally matured was the day I didn’t care what some people said. In entertainment and arts (unless you’re are shooting the recent sports illustrated swimsuits), looks matter. If Poppy was ugly, nobody would watch. The comments were not meant to cause harm and I detest people who go too far like Howard Stern. Yet he and characters like Sam Kinison (who even made fun of aids victims) are strangely revered. I admit it’s pretty hard to hurt a man calling him fat, but it’s stupid to be very sensitive about most things. Both women and men like to look at attractive people in entertainment, and some leading roles are best fitted that way. In life, natural looks have nothing to do with character, and character is what matters - unless I suppose you are a nihilist - which is completely ironic, but true.
Kimberlee R
07/26/19 at 02:20am

Why such rude comments. Obviously some people on this feed think they are perfect and that's it's ok to bully others!!... Poppy Montgomery kicks ass and I wish her nothing but success with this show!
Steve S.
07/17/19 at 05:01am

Fat is the new thin. According to the New York Observer, fat's in. I’m not so sure myself. DaleC nailed it.
07/15/19 at 07:52pm

She is too old and fat to pull off this character. She might as well be wearing Muslim formalwear in those beach shots.
Ray D
07/01/19 at 05:14pm

Watched the first couple of eps. Good enough distraction, and I'm all about Poppy Montgomery. Like most summer fare, soon enough it will be gone without a trace.
07/01/19 at 01:18pm

Love Poppy!! Hopefully this show sticks around. So far its cute.
Steve S.
06/21/19 at 02:09pm

It’s farfetched silly fun and a mix of a thousand shows you’ve seen before. It’s a girl hero girl’s show with girl music.Nevertheless, lots of cheap action that may keep some guys around. I’ll continue watching for now although I feel like, after one episode, I know everything there is to know about it.

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