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Tabatha Takes Over

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On Air: Aug 21, 2008 - Present
Network: Bravo

Salon Takeover Renewed For Season 4

Tabatha Coffey will continue her quest to help struggling salons for another season.

April 1, 2011

Bravo has renewed Tabatha's Salon Takeover for a fourth season. The reality series - on the air since 2008 - follows former Shear Genius contestant Tabatha Coffey as she comes to the aid of failing hair salons around Los Angeles and New York.

The series airs Mondays at 10:00pm and recently wrapped up its third season in February. A premiere date has yet to be announced for the new season.

(Source: TV by the Numbers)

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Comments (13)

Posted 01/11/12 at 15:38:36

I can't wait to see our show air we are a salon in Cherryhill NJ.It was alot of fun and drama!We all made alot of changes in the way we work together as a team.The salon looks amazing.Can't wait to see Beyond Hair on Jan.24 @10pm : )
Posted 12/27/11 at 13:04:02

Love the show. I am a cosmetology teacher and use the show as a teaching tool for my students - what they should and should not do. After watching the episode, we have a time of discussion. I like to do foils and then add color.
Posted 12/04/11 at 20:43:47

Absolutly love Tabitha! Im a stylist and she is my idol, cant wait till the new season starts I check every week!!
Posted 12/02/11 at 12:26:32

To answer the person above who asked was the show only in CA, NO!! I am currently waiting to see the new seasown because I was one of the customers at a shop in douglasville, GA where Tabitha did a salon takeover, I am soooo anxious to see the show and watch that episode! We all got to meet Tabitha and speak with her and she is absolutely amazing!!
Posted 11/17/11 at 14:28:29

I love this show, can't wait for it to return. I think your hair looks great how do you get that color? I have gray hair,I have since my twenties, and I would like to have it the color yours is.
Paula G.
Posted 11/14/11 at 12:35:20

I agree with Julie Q. I also apply lightener over a touch-up,the hairs integrity is great and the color comes out beautiful. I find that when stylists do lightening before and then apply touch-up you tend to miss spots and that's not good if they are grey. The color also comes out more even. I,m just sayin,.
Lovin, the Tabatha! Paula
Posted 10/28/11 at 18:52:44

I absolutely love the show!!! And can't wait for the new season.
Roz withey
Posted 10/18/11 at 09:46:38

Love the show, saw tabatha in NYC at the ferry... got a pic with her, she is amazing....
Julie Quigley
Posted 10/17/11 at 13:37:46

I sometimes watch your show and find that you do your job well, regimental as it is. I find the suggestions you give shop-owners are well founded, hopefully leading them to success.
One particular episode I watched was a colorist doing color and highlights, at the same time. Your suggestion was to do the highlights first, then the color, lifting each foil to apply the color.
I disagreed. I have been doing the opposite for 10 years, despite what you say about it damaging the hair. Bleach can go directly onto colored hair without damaging it, so can other colors. You can decide what to use if you have good coloring skills.
Your idea to do the highlighting first would probably leave a demarcation line, resulting in an undesirable color.
I have testament from hundreds of satisfied customers who have not had damage to their hair from this process.
Posted 09/30/11 at 13:55:54

Are there any future castings for Tabitha's Salon take over? Are the takeovers ONLY in CA?

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