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On Air: Jun 18, 2008 - Present
Network: truTV

Black Gold Renewed For Season 4

truTV is bringing back the oil drilling reality series for a fourth season.

April 12, 2011

truTV has announced the renewal of Black Gold for a fourth season.

No premiere date has been set at this time. No word on the number of episodes either, but it is expected to be in the 8-10 range.

The reality series, which chronicles oil drilling in Texas, concluded its third season last November.

(Source: TV by the Numbers)

Comments (24)

matt prim
Posted 08/06/12 at 22:44:10

doin a great job boys but remember .... colorado ruffnecks are tougher and way better looking
Posted 07/16/12 at 20:30:16

They need to give us back the reality of working a shitty job. And it has hotties to boot. Yeeaau.
eric mathafuckinichols
Posted 07/07/12 at 05:11:48

What up y'all? This is the worm goin straight to company man. Eric nichols is ready to come back , beast dog.
Posted 04/08/12 at 11:09:14

@killa you wish you were a beast. I bet you money anyone on that show would beat your face in. WOW your from Chicago and I bet you are just a 99 pound pussy that wishes he was a beast. And for the people that actually believe that is Cheston you must be really intelligent.
Posted 02/05/12 at 08:40:37

Brandon is one sexy dude you need him on this show.
Posted 01/31/12 at 16:09:39

Is the show canceled or not? BTW, that's not the real Cheston....
Posted 01/25/12 at 17:21:13

Cheston,You're an idiot,big time roughneck hope you had enough sense to buy a spare tire with that bonus you got,oh by the way you not the bad azz you think you are Oscar and Brandon would chew you up and spit you out,HA.HA
Posted 01/18/12 at 20:10:04

So is there going to be another season or what
Posted 01/09/12 at 13:30:51

Posted 01/05/12 at 08:56:17

I just watched brandon beat the **** out of one of the wheelers. I don't know how u ******* do it in Texas, but in Chicago u never file charges against anyone! Take ur *** beating like a man. ****** rat! Snitches get stitches!!

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