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On Air: Jul 11, 2008 - Dec 13, 2012
Network: CBS CTV ION

Flashpoint Season 5 Coming To U.S. Shores

The Canadian cop drama has been renewed by ION.

January 4, 2012

When word broke last summer that CBS was not planning to air the fifth season of police drama Flashpoint, American fans of the show looked to be out in the cold with the show seemingly available only on Canadian network CTV. However, good news has come today for U.S. fans of the show, as cable network ION has renewed the show for Season 5 in the states.

ION had already procured repeats of the show's first four seasons and were obviously pleased enough with the response to proceed with ordering the fifth. The next season of Flashpoint goes into production next month. There is no word on a premiere date at this time.

(Source: TV Guide)

Comments (84)

Mary Hart
Posted 07/21/14 at 00:13:44

All the crap on TV these days and they take off the best show ever Flashpoint I am hoping they see the big mistake they made and bring it back with the original cast of course!! Here's hoping!!
Debbie Stetler
Posted 01/22/13 at 21:08:25

There is a lot. of shows that are not that great.Flashpoint is what really goes on in the real world and my husband and I Love this show. hope there is a season six. all of the crew are great actors and have done a great job.really enjoy!!
Posted 12/18/12 at 12:50:45

Flashpoint is like my family please dont let it end!
Posted 11/14/12 at 14:36:24

I've enjoyed watching Flashpoint since it has been on ION TV. The writers have put compassion in the script and it helps to tone down any violence. Great cast. Veryb believable.Thanks for a great show. Hate to see it ever end.
Roger Campbell
Posted 11/02/12 at 21:13:38

That is a great show. Please do not take it off the air.
Posted 10/26/12 at 09:38:16

I'm going to miss Flashpoint when production ends. Enrico Colantoni and Hugh Dillon are great actors. I've seen Enrico as a "bad" guy in other series, but his best acting is as Serg.Greg Parker. Why don't the major networks in the U.S. stop making some of the dumb comedy series. I hope ION keeps showing reruns of Flashpoint, else I'll have to buy the DVDs to continue seeing the show.
Posted 10/19/12 at 22:24:08

I enjoy the show but don't always get to see it. Tonight the episode I saw bothers me; The father is stalking the wife and daughter and with agun but the daughter pulls a weapon and is killed by Ed. My problem is: these guys are SUPPOSED to be sharpshooters but they can't shoot an innocent girl in the leg, the arm, the shoulder, without killing her??/ If they can't shoot any better than aim for the heart I'd get rid of them!! To me, they spend too much time trying to talk weapon waiving nuts out of shooting someone. They should have shot the father who was threatening th wife with a weapon, he was the instigator of the problem and again they wouldn't(shouldn't) have to kill him!!!
linda lavold
Posted 09/29/12 at 18:05:33

Please continue Flashpont...what a great much out there that is not good...can't believe it would be the last seaon...reconsider....
Posted 09/16/12 at 17:07:23

When does it start in the us? I really want to watch it! I love the show!
Posted 09/11/12 at 15:40:15

Let me know when the 2012 series starts please!!

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A police drama following the Strategic Response Unit within a Canadian metropolitan police force.


Enrico Colantoni (Greg)
Hugh Dillon (Ed)
Amy Jo Johnson (Jules)
David Paetkau (Sam)
Sergio Di Zio (Spike)
Michael Cram (Wordy)
Mark Taylor (Lew)