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On Air: Apr 17, 2011 - Present
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Mob Wives Returning For Season 3

VH1 is eyeing an early 2013 premiere for the show's third season.

May 9, 2012

VH1 has announced that reality series Mob Wives has been renewed for a third season. No exact return date as been announced, but the network is planning on an early 2013 premiere.

The news comes just days before the show's second-season finale, which airs this Sunday, May 13 at 8:00pm. There will also be a 2-part reunion special on May 20 & 27, hosted by The View's Joy Behar.

(Source: TV by the Numbers)

Comments (16)

Posted 07/12/14 at 14:11:31

I look forward to seeing this show. It is the absolute best reality show to watch. How these women are able to cope and the friendship (most of the time) they all have. They may not all get along together at the same time but they are there for one another.
So when does the next season start?
Posted 08/20/13 at 16:19:00

Iabsolutely love this show. I can't wait to see all the girls again. I met Angie in her bar in Staten Island and she was so nice and sat and talked to me. She is a peach. I hope they bring the show back soon, I miss it alot.
olga browne
Posted 07/07/13 at 12:05:12

I dislike all reality shows, but Mob Wives, add lots of flavor to television.Not only does this program show strong women,it shows women can rebuild their lives, no matter what.
Happy to know this show will return, looking forward to see what the ladies are up to now.Love big Ang and Dritra.
Perhaps we might hear how their children feel about this show.Would love to know how they feel about what is said and about the fights.
Posted 01/06/13 at 20:21:53

Since day one, I've been obsessed with this show. All you lucky Americans get to watch season 3 now, but we Canadians don't get to see this program around October 2013. We just now before Christmas saw season 2. Love the show sooo much! Saw the trailer for season 3 on you tube. Looks intense, cannot wait to watch. MOB WIVES rocks television. Angela, Renee, Drita, Carla, Karen & Ramona, even their ex's & children are all interesting to us. This show just cannot die, cable is just too boring!!! Great job Jennifer Graziano!!!
Posted 12/07/12 at 18:38:50

Love Renee,Drita,Carla,and big Ange.......Can't wait for season #3!!You ladies are the bomb!!
Posted 12/03/12 at 00:53:08

Theresa if u dont like it change the mother f#@king channel!!!!!!!!!!
Posted 09/28/12 at 10:02:56

I have been waiting for the return of Mob Wives.I love the show.I got my daughter and daghter in law hooked in the show.Drita I love you I think your awesome I hope everything is working out for you.Carla,Big Ang,Renee,you ladies are the ****.I love Big Ang's voice.Carla you are a true freind and so calm and collective.Renee honey you look so good.please dont do any more surgery.and your son A.J should be more compassionate with you he is very cold.i hope the show continues
Posted 09/23/12 at 17:50:26

Theresa, you can start watching sesame street. Some people really love the how. Drita, love you. I miss you all, Can wait to see what has been going on. It is my soooo girl time.
Posted 09/05/12 at 10:42:34

Just love that show!
Posted 07/30/12 at 11:11:26

I absolutely love this show..not only cuz there drama..but this is real things that happen in everyday lives I love drita she makes the. Show. Enjoy watching Renee & carla remarkable women...but for Karen and Ramona really don't care ..


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