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On Air: Mar 15, 2012 - May 17, 2012
Network: ABC

Missing Cancelled After One Season

The Ashley Judd drama will not be back next season.

May 11, 2012

ABC has cancelled Missing, the Ashley Judd drama about a mother whose son mysteriously disappears. The show premiered as a mid-season replacement back in March but stumbled out of the gate, failing to amass a substantial weekly viewership.

It has so far aired nine of its 10 ordered episodes, with the series finale set for May 17, 2012.


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Comments (963)

Posted 10/26/15 at 05:55:45

great show,please bring it back
M Gray
Posted 10/19/15 at 00:24:43

I'M Sick of shows that stop after 1 Season and leave the ending up in the air Witches of East End was the same ended.I'm over it BIG Time !
Posted 10/07/15 at 09:08:37

I really, really enjoyed watching all the episodes: Good plot, actions like a James Bond movie, romance. why on earth wouldn't you want to shoot a second season?
Jenis perdomo
Posted 08/11/15 at 16:48:32

I love please Come missing back
linet kinoti
Posted 07/19/15 at 06:39:53

why on earth would someone cancel missing????
Posted 04/02/15 at 19:28:36

The ABC obviously don't know a good show when it stands up and bites them on the arse being nominated for awards! Sick of death of all the old Pommy reruns on ABC - give us back MISSING - Season 2.
Posted 01/28/15 at 16:40:16

The show was great!!! I loved it I can't believe they wouldn't do another season?? Love the acting in this show. All season was intense. Please bring it back!!!
Posted 12/24/14 at 11:49:50

I really hope you do not chancel this show. Its a good show and I am sure everyone agrees.I look forward to watching this show every week.
Posted 12/21/14 at 13:57:18

Bring it back can't leave us like that great show
Posted 12/21/14 at 13:54:58

Loved this cant leave us hanging like this the show is great

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Genre: Drama

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A drama following a mother whose son goes missing.


Ashley Judd (Rebecca)
Cliff Curtis (Dax)
Sean Bean (Paul)
Nick Eversman (Michael)
Adriano Giannini (Giancarlo)