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Missing Cancelled After One Season

The Ashley Judd drama will not be back next season.

May 11, 2012

ABC has cancelled Missing, the Ashley Judd drama about a mother whose son mysteriously disappears. The show premiered as a mid-season replacement back in March but stumbled out of the gate, failing to amass a substantial weekly viewership.

It has so far aired nine of its 10 ordered episodes, with the series finale set for May 17, 2012.


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Comments (959)

linet kinoti
Posted 07/19/15 at 06:39:53

why on earth would someone cancel missing????
Posted 04/02/15 at 19:28:36

The ABC obviously don't know a good show when it stands up and bites them on the arse being nominated for awards! Sick of death of all the old Pommy reruns on ABC - give us back MISSING - Season 2.
Posted 01/28/15 at 16:40:16

The show was great!!! I loved it I can't believe they wouldn't do another season?? Love the acting in this show. All season was intense. Please bring it back!!!
Posted 12/24/14 at 11:49:50

I really hope you do not chancel this show. Its a good show and I am sure everyone agrees.I look forward to watching this show every week.
Posted 12/21/14 at 13:57:18

Bring it back can't leave us like that great show
Posted 12/21/14 at 13:54:58

Loved this cant leave us hanging like this the show is great
Posted 09/11/14 at 21:18:38

Really liked the show when it was on and watched it again, still like it.
Tired of all these good shows ending after one season, who really decides this?
Please bring it back!!!!
Posted 07/27/14 at 20:25:07

Just borrowed the show from the library have to say it was one of the best TV series I have ever seen. Ashley Judd was awesome and the story line superb. It is such a shame it was cancelled.
John Bailey
Posted 07/27/14 at 19:50:05

My wife loved the show and can't understand why you cancelled it. Please bring it back
Posted 07/06/14 at 17:26:56

For all who going to start watching this movie, please watch it till last 10th series then before 3 minutes ending show please just turn it off.
So you will know that everything was good ended and show is over good!
(don't watch last 3 minutes it will disappoint you for looking next season)

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On Air: 03/15/12 - 05/17/12

Network: ABC

Genre: Drama

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A drama following a mother whose son goes missing.


Ashley Judd (Rebecca)
Cliff Curtis (Dax)
Sean Bean (Paul)
Nick Eversman (Michael)
Adriano Giannini (Giancarlo)