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FOX Renews The Following

The new drama will return for a second season.

March 4, 2013

FOX announced today that it has renewed freshman series The Following for Season 2. The Kevin Bacon-led thriller has been a mid-season success for the network, already becoming this season's #2 broadcast drama in Live+7 ratings after its first six episodes. The show's solid ratings, combined with praise from critics and audiences alike, make it easy to see why FOX was quick to pick the series up for a second season.

Nine episodes remain in the first season of The Following. The number of episodes ordered for the show's next season have not been specified.

UPDATE: Season 2 of The Following premieres on Sunday, January 19, 2014 after the NFC Championship game.

(Source: TV by the Numbers)

Comments (57)

Patricia Dudis
Posted 01/19/15 at 07:52:57

Wanna the Following comes back on this program...Tell me why it cancelled
Posted 01/30/14 at 02:10:06

Love this show!! Season 2 twins are freaky scary! ! Can't wait for next week! !!
Posted 12/10/13 at 11:15:40

Good cast....terrible, terrible, terrible writing...can't watch another minute
Posted 09/29/13 at 12:18:00

Absolutely love this show and excitedly waiting for season 2. Love Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy in their characters!
Posted 06/29/13 at 11:44:38

I did not watch this show when it came on tv. I am sad that there are only a few episodes for me to see. I wish the whole season would be available.
To all those folks who feel the need to put down the writers, actors and the folks who actually like this series. IT IS NOT NECESSARY.
Devil 66666666666666 anti Christ
Posted 05/14/13 at 16:49:05

This show is so scary and interesting, lol 6666666666666666666666666666 Korea
michael king
Posted 05/14/13 at 09:17:09

I like the show...still waiting for the wife to become one of the cult and turn on will happen..
Posted 05/11/13 at 19:14:04

the show make no sense what so ever, silly story line absolute bad characters , kevin bacon should have been the psycho killer
Posted 05/10/13 at 14:13:44

Best show on TV right now. Every week there's a new twist or turn that is completely unexpected. I find it funny that people who hate the show, take time out of their day to denounce it. If you don't like, that's fine, don't watch it. Nick at Nite is probably more the speed for those folks anyway...
Posted 05/05/13 at 21:45:58

What a terrible show, every week this guy dies and surprise someone close is really a Family Member and they took ....,.,.(fill in the blank, kid, wife, agent etc..) such nonsense, a 11 week SVU episode would be better, or CopRock
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