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Beauty And The Beast

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The CW Renews Beauty And The Beast

The freshman drama will return for a second season.

April 26, 2013

The CW announced today that new series Beauty and the Beast has been renewed for the 2013-2014 season. The show has had a solid first run on Thursday nights, keeping a steady viewership from week to week.

The network also renewed Hart of Dixie today, which will return for a third season. The network has yet to announce the fates of The Carrie Diaries and Nikita.

UPDATE: Season 2 of Beauty and the Beast premieres on Monday, October 7, 2013 at 9:00pm.

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

Comments (11)

Posted 03/16/14 at 08:58:40

Please don't cancel Beauty & the Beast this season 2014. It's the best.
Posted 10/18/13 at 07:58:36

I love Beauty and the Beast!!! Renew it again!!
Posted 08/15/13 at 03:11:21

Glad this show got renewed along with Arrow. They are the best of my tv nights.
Posted 06/27/13 at 21:18:28

Thank you for renewing beauty and the beast. Love the show.
Posted 05/07/13 at 14:06:21

very happy this show is renewed for a second season!!
Port Noise Complaint
Posted 05/04/13 at 03:40:41

"...but I dought..."???
I hope you don't wander around the house with a fork.
Posted 04/29/13 at 16:10:29

Thank You! Thank you!.....Love this show.
Posted 04/28/13 at 02:13:01

I honestly don't see the craze in this series. How many times has the special forces routine been used? He just does'nt push the part right and looks and acts too lame. So theres a second season but i dought it will go far as the acting is not the best and the scripts are boring. Id watch paint dry before id bother with this rubbish. At least keep to the original and leave out all this special forces crap. Maybe he was a cook in the specail forces.
Posted 04/27/13 at 17:36:15

Yeah, Mike! Agree w/you...however, they have sent all division agents on their merry way with severance packages and scuttlebutt is only 13 episodes for final Season 4. May 16 is announcement day. At least it will have a good series final like Stargate Atlantis. Anyway B&TB has K2, everyone's daughter, a noble boyfriend who listens & smells :); and romance for the female audience. PROTECT THE BEAST!
Posted 04/27/13 at 05:04:45

Good news glad it was renewed. Now the mucky mucks that run this network need to renew Nikita.

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