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The Cleveland Show


Fox Cancels The Cleveland Show

The comedy ends after Season 4.

May 14, 2013

Fox has cancelled The Cleveland Show after four seasons on the air. The series started in 2009 as a spin-off to Family Guy featuring one of the characters from that show. The animated comedy's first couple of seasons drew solid ratings, but its numbers dwindled in recent years.

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Comments (77)

Posted 04/08/14 at 09:34:13

cancel bob burgers it sucks
Posted 04/02/14 at 05:26:44

One Seth Macfarlane show down, two to go...
Posted 03/19/14 at 17:57:27

I hate bob burgers cancel it now it sucks. I know tcs is coming back someday I know it. Fox make new episodes of the Cleveland show cancel bob burgers it's lame
Posted 03/19/14 at 17:50:00

Cleveland does not belong in quahog with family ok . He belongs in virgina alright I know tcs is coming back something fox bring it back ok. I hope tbs or comedy central picks it up. Fox cancel bob burgers it sucks it's lame it the worst show . Fox bring back the Cleveland show with new episodes cancel Bob burgers it not funny garbage ok bob burgers suck cancel it now
Posted 03/18/14 at 18:28:52

Why is Bob burger still on and not The Cleveland Show. Bring back the Cleveland show. Not enough black animation shows as it is. Bring them back.
Posted 01/17/14 at 16:20:06

Yes bring back the Cleveland show bobs burgers its not that good at all I'm confused bout that whole thing does he have three kids or two so bring back Cleveland !!
Posted 12/27/13 at 11:10:28

Fox can you bring back the cleveland show its the best. PS cancel bob burgers it sucks Bob burger is the worst show is garbage. I hope someday that fox or Tbs will make new episodes of the cleveland show
Posted 12/27/13 at 06:29:45

good, this show was wack AS F**k
Posted 12/26/13 at 19:01:23

i hate that yo cancel clevand show bring it back now\
Posted 12/26/13 at 18:34:38

fox is the most hated dumbest channel ever they all ways do this
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On Air: 09/27/09 - 05/19/13

Network: FOX

Genre: Comedy / Animated

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A spin-off from the hit series Family Guy featuring Cleveland Brown, one of the neighbors from the aforementioned series.


Mike Henry (Cleveland)
Sanaa Lathan (Donna)
Reagan Gomez-Preston (Roberta)
Kevin Michael Richardson (Lester)
Jason Sudeikis (Holt)
Seth MacFarlane (Various)