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Zero Hour

On Air: Feb 14, 2013 - Aug 3, 2013
Network: ABC

Final Episodes of Zero Hour Return June 15

The cancelled drama will air its 10 final episodes.

June 13, 2013

This weekend ABC will begin broadcasting the final episodes of Zero Hour, the freshman drama that was cancelled three episodes into its run earlier this year.

The remaining 10 episodes will begin airing this Saturday, June 15, 2013, where two episodes will air back-to-back from 8:00pm-10:00pm. New episodes will follow one at a time on subsequent Saturdays through August 3, at which point the show will air its 2-hour series finale.

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Comments (78)

Posted 04/27/16 at 15:49:59

I was hooked on this show from day one I couldn't wait to watch then some stupid programmer decides to cancel the show I wish they would bring it back i love shows like this! What they can cancel is all the reality tv shows I hate shows like that every time I watched one of them my IQ dropped!
Posted 10/24/15 at 23:07:43

I loved this show I want season 2!!! Had me hooked from the beginning I watched it in the days. Sadly I didn't know they wouldn't be continuing it until just barely.
Posted 06/06/15 at 21:18:17

why this show was cancelled is beyond me..its was so good maybe if they would have advertised it more I would have seen it then n to know its was cancelled n all the stupd ass reality shows go on people love this show maybe if it had a better time to air or on a show that people whatch shows like this it would have got more ratings but its on abc where law shows new and reality is the main thing that was stupid on their part...
Posted 04/07/15 at 06:28:26

The show was si amazing i still Wonder why ABC cancelled it. We need season 2. I neeed to know what Will happen
Posted 01/20/15 at 02:16:50

I myself didn't even know of zero hour's until a friend gave me the series to watch.i really enjoyed it very much but I was sad to hear it have been cancelled.why does all the good shows get cancelled and the rubbish shows stay? come on tv bosses give zero hour another chance please continue with season 2.
Posted 11/03/14 at 21:02:38

Bring back zero hr!!
Posted 08/25/14 at 11:54:49

I am very very sad to hear that. I LOVED the show and had me hooked immediately. The story line was original and just amazing. I wish they would bring on a season two!
Posted 07/04/14 at 15:04:41

I too was curious when Zero Hour would return, and am very disappointed to discover that it has been cancelled? My husband and I were hooked after the very first episode, which is minor miracle in itself because he never watches television. But Zero Hour combined religion, history and international intrigue in a way that caught our attention and kept us hooked throughout the series. It actually reminded me of LOST? I'm sad to learn that Zero Hour will not return? I think it would have been a big hit had it been given a chance.
Posted 06/28/14 at 19:11:42

Well, I loved this show. It had my attention from the 1st week. Seeing that the finale looked as if it could be continued I was just looking to see if it was coming back for 2014. What a shame. It was different, exciting, and I liked the cast.
Posted 05/24/14 at 07:25:00

J'ai adoré le spectacle c'était fabuleux. il était si drôle et interesting.i faire aimer une histoire de mystère. il ne mérite pas d'être coupé comme ça.

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Genre: Drama

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A drama following a man who uncovers a conspiracy after his wife is kidnapped.


Anthony Edwards (Hank)
Scott Michael Foster (Arron)
Addison Timlin (Rachel)
Jacinda Barrett (Laila)
Carmen Ejogo (Beck)
Michael Nyqvist (White)