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Desperate Housewives

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Network: ABC

A comedy-drama series showcasing the lives behind the picture perfect facade of Wisteria Lane.

Desperate Housewives follows the lives of a group of women and their husbands who live on the street, as they work through domestic struggles in their daily lives while facing the secrets, crimes and mysteries hidden behind the doors of their suburban neighborhood.

The show is narrated by their dead neighbor, whose death was the focus of the debut season.

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Posted 08/04/13 at 01:01:20

I'm still upset that I followed each episode since 2004 and then BAM!!! Gone!!! Movie movie movie movie movie!!!!
Tiffany Howser
Posted 08/26/12 at 10:13:28

Bring the return of the desperate housewives back best show ever and gcb tanked thank God
Born Again Black Ops
Posted 06/16/12 at 11:50:12

I did not appreciate the writers killing off
Mike Delfino like that! I got to really like
his down-to-earth, man to man persona!

Having him murdered like that was a crock of
crap! I can't use profanity. I'm a Christian.
Born Again Black Ops
Posted 06/16/12 at 11:46:03

I did not appreciate the writers killing off Mike Delfino like that!! I got to really liking his man
to man, take no prisoners persona! Having him murdered
like that was a crock of crap!! (I can't use profanity because I'm a Christian).
Steph Beaulne
Posted 05/16/12 at 11:15:48

I hated how the series finale used every old cliche in the book to end a season/series, except for the "It was all a dream." one. The only thing that was really important was Bree's trial. They should also have spread everything out more so that it didn't feel like two separate episodes instead of just one 2-hour episode. The whole thing was just too sappy.
michael lannen
Posted 05/15/12 at 03:29:47

For once I have a positive comment on a show leaving the air. It was done without leaving us wondering about anything. Everyone moved on to better things without us being disapointed or angry. This is how all show's should end leaving us satisfyed at the future of all envolved. So I say thank you thank you for giving me a warm satisfying happy feeling on the show's ending and hope all show's in the future no matter if canceled or having run their course will be given a ending of respect.
Posted 04/05/12 at 18:05:00

No. It's not being cancelled. It's actually concluding. The series will end in May.
Posted 11/29/11 at 15:41:12

this is being cancelled..?

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Genre: Comedy / Drama

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Teri Hatcher (Susan)
Felicity Huffman (Lynette)
Marcia Cross (Bree)
Eva Longoria (Gabrielle)
Ricardo Antonio Chavira (Carlos)
Vanessa Williams (Renee)
James Denton (Mike)
Doug Savant (Tom)
Shawn Pyfrom (Andrew)
Mark Moses (Paul)
Brenda Strong (Mary Alice)
Kyle MacLachlan (Orson)
Nicollette Sheridan (Edie)
Andrea Bowen (Julie)
Cody Kasch (Zach)
Steven Culp (Rex)
Jesse Metcalfe (John)
Richard Burgi (Karl)
Dana Delany (Katherine)
Kathryn Joosten (Mrs. McCluskey)
Kevin Rahm (Lee)
Tuc Watkins (Bob)