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A chilling drama inspired by the real-life story of medium Allison DuBois, who has the gift of communicating with the dead, seeing the future, and reading people's thoughts.

A young but strong-willed wife and mother, DuBois struggles to find a balance between this incredible calling and her family. She uses her psychic powers to solve horrifying crimes, never truly knowing whether this is a gift or a curse. Since childhood, has been struggling to make sense of her dreams and visions of dead people.

Fearing for her mental health, she turns to her husband Joe for support to help her come to terms with this extraordinary, but terrifying, ability.

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Posted 09/13/14 at 10:14:12

another show that i loved, and everyone else i knew watched it too. They always get rid of the REALLY good shows, and replace it with crap.
Posted 12/29/13 at 14:40:40

This show ended with rating greater than the ones they hope for today. Cancelling this show was a big mistake, they wonder why the television industry is going, probably because they cancel most shows before they even have a start or cancel oldershows that already have a set audience that guaruntee ratings of some kind, such as medium. Networks need to start giving all shows they air atleast one season if the ever expect to get improved ratings of their network.
Posted 05/26/13 at 00:35:10

Still can't believe how disrespectful they were to the viewing audience by cancelling this mid-season. Medium is one of the best shows I've watched.
Posted 05/23/13 at 05:44:05

This was such a good show. Hated seeing this one cancelled.
One by one all thr good shows get cancelled.
Posted 04/02/13 at 10:56:37

This has been cancelled too? This is a great show!
Posted 02/15/12 at 14:42:23

I found Medium late in it's life, but I sure enjoyed it!
Jim Lepping
Posted 10/06/11 at 22:11:46

We watched every single episode of Medium. I'm so sorry it's been cancealed...

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Genre: Drama

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Patricia Arquette (Allison)
Jake Weber (Joe)
Miguel Sandoval (Manuel)
Sofia Vassilieva (Ariel)
Maria Lark (Bridgette)
David Cubitt (Lee)