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Ice Road Truckers

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Network: History

A documentary-style reality series following ice road truckers and the dangers they face.

Ice Road Truckers documents the perils faced by one of the most dangerous trucking jobs in the world. Cameras follow truckers as they take their lives in their hands to drive heavily loaded vehicles across treacherous terrain like frozen lakes to deliver supplies to remote mines.

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Posted 08/06/17 at 17:06:48

I agree, ice road truckers is awesome tv, bring it back
Posted 06/26/17 at 07:16:51

When dose come on it is the thing I look forward to watching I see all the season so you can't cancel them
Posted 06/13/17 at 09:14:46

cant wait missing it
Posted 06/13/17 at 09:13:06

is irt coming on 2017and when
Posted 03/09/17 at 17:36:29

One of the reasons I watch the History Channel----Ice Road
Truckers. One of the Best Shows on the History Channel.
Gary Gordon
Posted 08/14/16 at 19:56:40

We need the polar bear back he made ice road truckers he made the show what it is he was on a mission
Posted 06/19/16 at 14:23:47

I did enjoy IRT, but when they left Alaska and the Carlisle Trucking, et al, and were strictly Canadian, the show became boring as hell. I watched it, but the excitement of the Dawson Highway just wasn't there. Hopefully they go BACK TO ALASKA.
Linda Sue O'Dell
Posted 02/01/16 at 11:52:52

Is IRT going to be on in 2016? When ?
Posted 09/21/15 at 10:46:06

If it gets cancelled, it gets cancelled. Waste of space on TV anyways. SMH
Posted 09/25/14 at 14:32:54

never miss a show or a season even when they go to asia and south america do NOT like darrel .........

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