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Ice Road Truckers

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A documentary-style reality series following ice road truckers and the dangers they face.

Ice Road Truckers documents the perils faced by one of the most dangerous trucking jobs in the world. Cameras follow truckers as they take their lives in their hands to drive heavily loaded vehicles across treacherous terrain like frozen lakes to deliver supplies to remote mines.

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Posted 09/25/14 at 14:32:54

never miss a show or a season even when they go to asia and south america do NOT like darrel .........
Posted 08/31/14 at 19:30:35

I agree with the one above it is my favorite show to,so please don't cancel it.
Posted 08/31/14 at 19:25:59

I enjoy ice road truckers very much I look forward to it coming on Sunday night please do not take it off.I hope it comes back on next summer Some may not have liked it but my husband & I do very much.
Posted 07/28/14 at 19:25:20

Ice road truckers is one of best shows on TV. I can do without the egomaniac Hugh Rowland but everybody else is just fine. Please don't cancel this show.
Posted 06/17/14 at 06:54:05

glad to see season 8 starting soon. One of the better shows
Dwayne Hoobler
Posted 06/15/14 at 17:36:27

Hugh is an egomaniacal idiot. Just as well they cancelled it, the last couple of seasons were ruined by all Hugh all the time. It's too bad because moving the show into the Canadian back roads was otherwise a good idea. Personally, I loved the King of Obsolete and his myriad contraptions.
Jeff O
Posted 06/12/14 at 21:35:13

I think Hugh suing the show, ended it forever. They know without him, there is not much of a show. Probably canceled it out of spite
Posted 06/11/14 at 17:22:12

Bring back ice road trucker. I like watch the show becauc I like see them drive truckes on ice.
Posted 06/08/14 at 16:56:12

I have watched every episode of Ice Road Truckers, and I will miss it this summer. It was fun watching the truckers tolerate 20 below zero when it is 95 outside.
Posted 06/08/14 at 13:44:50

Come on bring back ice road is one of my favorite shows.i can't believe it was cancelled.
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