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Network: TNT

A drama following a team of unsavory characters who act as modern-day Robin Hoods, pulling off elaborate acts targeting the greedy and corrupt.

Former insurance investigator Nate Ford heads up a five-person team comprised of thieves, computer experts and con artists, as they utilize their unique skills to right corporate and governmental wrongdoings inflicted on ordinary citizens.

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Posted 08/26/14 at 19:32:36

BRING BACK LEVERAGE!! BRING BACK LEVERAGE!!! Excellent actors and writers! It's rare that you find a television program that's able to capture the essence of each hilarious character, but then to incorporate it into numerous phenomenal story-lines is when the magic happens. BRING LEVERAGE BACK! Original actors: Alec Hardison, Eliot, Parker, Sophie Devereaux and of course Nathan Ford! Thank you all! :-)
While watching re-runs, I see some of the characters on ION TV saying "positively entertaining", and At that very moment... I began to look for the post to say new season begins ... so come on people... please return the show to us!
Posted 07/22/14 at 22:56:01

Please TNT bring Leverage back. It is one of a few shows that me and my brother like together.
Posted 06/10/14 at 02:47:34

I love this shows. Please bring the show back on TNT or other network.
Posted 05/15/14 at 17:31:28

I luv this show you can see all the episodes on netflick. They should put this show on regular t.v.
Posted 03/01/14 at 05:12:09

I would love to have the show renewed!!! It is mission impossible for the 2000's! A show that is entertaining and has a great message, no one is above the law!!! I think it will make millions for a network to bring it back. Timothy Hutton is brilliant in any role! We love him in this one. His other cast mates are super and I miss them. Bring it back!!!!
Janet sitton
Posted 02/21/14 at 18:24:03

Love this show. They leave stupid shows on like Jerry Seinfeld but cancel a good show. Crazy!!
Posted 11/07/13 at 00:46:57

I loved this show. I am so happy I was able to brighten my son's final days during his battle with breast cancer by sharing my shed of the series. I have never watched the final show and I don't think I ever will. My son loved the various plot lines and was so happy to discover a show to watch without all or the gore included.u
Posted 08/29/13 at 12:02:35

This show was just great! The networks leave absolute garbage on the air season after season yet cancel a top-notch show like Leverage. There is no justice. Please bring it back!!!
Posted 08/17/13 at 18:57:18

I can not believe they cancelled this show . I loved watching it I hope another channel picks them up. I have been waiting for some new seasons to come on.
Posted 07/28/13 at 16:53:36

Agree with all the above comments. This was a great show, I always looked forward to watching it. Now its mostly re-runs or reality TV. When mainly reality TV is on I resort to on demand or the history channel.
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Genre: Drama

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Timothy Hutton (Nate)
Gina Bellman (Sophie)
Christian Kane (Eliot)
Beth Riesgraf (Parker)
Aldis Hodge (Alec)