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Stargate Universe

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Network: Syfy

A sci-fi drama following an exploration team aboard the spaceship Destiny.

Stargate Universe follows the adventures of a multinational exploration team aboard an ancient spaceship called Destiny.

The crew is transported to Destiny in a far-off corner of the universe and are unable to return to Earth. Subsequently, they are forced to remain on the vessel and fend for themselves.

Complete list of Stargate Universe episodes:

Season 1:
Air (Part 1)
Air (Part 2)
Air (Part 3)
Darkness (Part 1)
Light (Part 2)
Space (Part 1)
Divided (Part 2)
Incursion (Part 1)
Incursion (Part 2)

Season 2:
Intervention (Part 3)
Trial and Error
The Greater Good
Resurgence (Part 1)
Deliverance (Part 2)
Twin Destinies
The Hunt
Common Descent

Comments (15)

Posted 06/26/17 at 17:22:41

I wish the producers would make a Movie, concluding from the point of the Gauntlet. It would be nice to know what is on the other side of the Void.
Posted 07/23/13 at 20:01:13

Guy reason why they cancelled it was that mostly everyone who was talking about this show on the syfy website on the season had negative reactions and that was probily the only reason why they cancelled it
Posted 02/04/13 at 08:34:06

Universe had the potential to be the best of all Stargates in my opinion. I really wanted to know what destiny was on a mission to discover and what the journey would bring for the team. it was better than obvious endings of SG-1 and Atlantis where they would always beat the bad guys.

Bring back UNIVERSE
Col v
Posted 12/29/12 at 18:08:47

Watched SyFy all the time starting with SG-1 shows. I have not tuned in since SGU was axed.
This channel now is deleted from my Direct fav list. . Please put SG-1 back on Netflix. Have all DVDs but much more easy to view on my IPhone and IPad.
William wills
Posted 12/27/12 at 17:15:27

Syfy is really starting to suck,they r taking off all the good shows.the only show that is good on syfy is warehouse 13,besides that I don't watch syfy anymore
Posted 06/24/12 at 10:40:19

The networks let us down again...idiots.
Posted 06/03/12 at 13:49:55

Seriously?! Really?! Come On!

I just caught this series on Netflix...I agree with everyone, especially Erik...SyFy needs to stay SyFy for all us non-reality fans out there.

Here's a thought, since it was left open ended, have the crew stay in staces for a year then bring the show back (pretend it was 3), so many openings for great continued writing of the show. I watch these shows to escape from reality, the last thing I want is to watch more reality TV shows of uninteresting winers.

Bring it back! PLEASE!
Posted 05/14/12 at 15:08:45

I have a great idea that would serve all of us who became addicted to Stargate Universe. I'm sure there are enough of us that we would buy the script or a book of season 3, if a season 3 was actually written. If there are a million of us, world wide, and we are all willing to pay 10 or 20 bucks for the book of season 3, I believe that would produce plenty of profit and motivation for the owner of the manuscript or rights to season 3. I need to know what happens in season 3.
Posted 05/14/12 at 14:53:41

This show ended waaaay 2 early! Excellent characters and story lines that were endless! Please stop the reality show insanity and let's get back 2 excellent shows with superb writing.
Posted 04/22/12 at 21:44:41

I was devastated that SGU was cancelled. Still weeping all these months later.

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Genre: Drama / Sci-fi

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Robert Carlyle (Dr. Rush)
Justin Louis (Colonel Young)
David Blue (Eli)
Brian J. Smith (Lt Scott)
Jamil Walker Smith (Sgt Greer)
Alaina Huffman (Lt Johansen)
Elyse Levesque (Chloe)
Ming-Na (Camille)
Lou Diamond Phillips (David)