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The Little Couple

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Network: TLC

A reality show following a newlywed couple who are both under four feet tall.

Bill Klein and Jen Arnold are the newlyweds who star in The Little Couple, which follows their life together as they navigate the ups and downs of married life.

The cameras are there to capture the moments they share as they move to a new city, purchase their home, and start the processes of planning a family.

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judy margolis
Posted 11/14/16 at 12:00:38

This is one of the sweetest show'sTV.....It show's people you can over come anything if you put your mind to......And there is no nasty language or horrible things on this show....Please bring them back
Posted 10/29/16 at 09:32:10

It is awful that The Little Couple was cancelled. I really loved it. I hardly watch TLC any longer. There is hardly anything on this channel that I like. I use to watch almost every day.
Posted 09/24/16 at 13:40:22

I can't believe TLC cancelled the little couple???? How do you make choices on what shows to air? Because there are a couple I've seen advertised that are ridiculous shows for example 90 day fiance or love at first kiss absurd and ridiculous I will not watch those shows if that is the kind of shows you are going to be airing then I no longer need Tlc channel ... I do enjoy some of your programs like 7 little Johnston's our little family,but I'm assuming those were cancelled as well? I'm currently enjoying to close to home but that is the only show left that I enjoy on tlc and I can watch it on own so please make better show choices and bring back this show and others similar until then no Tlc for me, please think about the fact that you are the learning channel ?
Dorothy Goodrich
Posted 09/20/16 at 04:55:45

Waiting for the little couple too be on and found out it's cancelled it is a wonderful show then you put all this garbage shows on I guess our society is going too pot
Posted 08/02/16 at 19:10:09

I love this show. They are so sweet and loving to their children. They are the kind of people that you just wished they were your best friends. I would hate to see this show go off the air. It make me feel so good after watching it. Please keep this show.
Posted 07/21/16 at 16:41:42

please please please bring the show back!
Posted 07/15/16 at 11:57:49

I was surprised to see the show was cancel. I look forward in seeing when the show is on. That's the best reality short people show that is on these days. Please bring them back. I like to see Will & Zoeys new updates.
Posted 05/09/16 at 04:23:07

I absolutely LOVE The Little couple every time it's on I have a smile on my face it warms my heart to see two loving people raise 2 gorgeous babies who are so funny with their own personalities. They are giving those children a wonderful life and love them so much. I hope the show isn't cancelled it's the best show and I can't wait until the following week to watch it. These other shows that are on tv are useless, who cares about watching someone trying on wedding dresses the marriage probably won't last anyway. Keep the Little Couple on tv it's GREAT!!!!
Posted 04/01/16 at 11:18:34

Glad to see them gone. What a bloody sucks they are. Because they are "little", don't they think nobody else suffers the same stuff??? Bill, what a suck !!!! only watch the show because cant sleep, pain, waiting for my 3 th spinal surgery and he is going on and on about his ???!!!! Geez. :oh please feel sorry for me" !!! DUH get rid of them and they prob make mega bucks out of this "show". Pffff.
Happy in roseville
Posted 03/31/16 at 13:08:45

I, and my grandson truly love the little couple show. I never knew that there was any cancelation considered, that would be ridiculous, the one really good show that uplifts people, shows them an example of how to over come the odds that could crush any one else, but they are overcommers, the family unity, through thick and thin is a challenge to us all to follow their example. I feel like they are family, and will stay loyal to TLC as long as you continue to stay loyal to the little couple show, because they are much more than just a show, they are our extended family.

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Bill Klein (Husband)
Jen Arnold (Wife)