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The Little Couple

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Network: TLC

A reality show following a newlywed couple who are both under four feet tall.

Bill Klein and Jen Arnold are the newlyweds who star in The Little Couple, which follows their life together as they navigate the ups and downs of married life.

The cameras are there to capture the moments they share as they move to a new city, purchase their home, and start the processes of planning a family.

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Posted 02/21/17 at 19:19:31

People they have no choice but to cancel it. Read the story of what is going on between discovery and the production company. Why call them idiots when obviously no one has read what is going on.
lynda dorsey
Posted 02/19/17 at 09:26:24

please don't cancel the little couple they are such nice decent people and inspire others in the way they cope with life despite there disabilities, and it is good to watch Zoey and wills growing up and developing there own characters
Posted 02/16/17 at 13:40:24

Please bring back the little people I love their values they are very good role models in a world of negativity. They handle their diversities wonderfully and they are an encouragement to anyone with challenges in life.
Posted 02/10/17 at 05:19:23

I miss the Little Couple. I have watched every show that aired. Its such a blessing to see the difference the Kliens have made in the lives of their sweet children. You should air more shows that are about the good things that are happening in this country and the differences that we all should be making in other peoples lives. Please put it back on! I love TLC AND THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE SHOWS. GOD BLESS THE KLIENS!!!
Posted 01/19/17 at 18:42:23

When is the little couple coming back on because I want to see what is going on with will and zoey. And i hate all of the other shows that you have. Most of them are stipid. Because my 600 pound life and say yes to the dress Atlanta. You really need to get a reality check on what your consumers actually watch
Posted 01/03/17 at 09:36:15

Please bring the show back. Yall had great shows and now most are dumb amd arnt worth my time in watching. Hate 90 day fiance and married by mom and dad. And what's this new one e of some British woman gaining weight and then loosing it to prove her point? That crap shouldn't be aired. Shes rude amd offensive
Tlc needs to bring g back the good shows...Oh and u can take the duggers off one cares that they have a bazillion kids. Don't know how yall pick some of these shows to be aired but yall need to think again. Bring back the little couple. Yes they made me smile. They were positive people. Half this garbage yall got on now needs to go.
shirley a byrd
Posted 01/02/17 at 12:22:31

I really miss the little couple; they cheer me up; their such a wonderful family; when look at them; makes me feel stronger; and can make things happen; just like they did; I know they need their space; but can't help it; I love to watch them ; they are a perfect family.
Julie Weaver
Posted 12/28/16 at 09:49:48

Please bring back the Little Couple, I really miss it. Why was it cancelled?
Posted 12/18/16 at 07:01:39

and you cancelled it, would not watch TLC until they bring the show back!!!!!!!!!!!!
Betsy Poteat
Posted 12/08/16 at 11:57:15

The Little Couple was a breath of fresh air. I so looked forward to it each week. It is cancelled, yet Sister Wives (garbage) remain on the air. Our Little Family is another show that viewers feel we are cheated from seeing. TLC should really think about their viewers for once. Keep the garbage shows and give us programs that lift our spirits.

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Bill Klein (Husband)
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