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A reality series following the daily operations of a family-owned pawn shop.

Hardcore Pawn follows the goings-on at American Jewelry and Loan, a pawn shop in Detroit, MI. Owned by Les Gold, he and two children run the day-to-day operations of the business. Son Seth heads up the shop's marketing aspects and daughter Ashley is the shop's assistant manager.

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Posted 09/20/14 at 19:43:12

gary I love the show ur the one who needs to get a life mommas boy stupid turkey ass bitch anyway enough with u and child like immaturity hopefully they come up with a season 9
Posted 09/08/14 at 05:18:50

people who watch that stupid show need to get a life
former viewer
Posted 07/11/14 at 22:05:32

CANCELCANCELCANCEL the show was good but now they are rude, disrespectful and just rip people off...the show is a joke now TAKE IT OFF THE AIR Please!
Woddy Boyd
Posted 05/20/14 at 21:10:29

I have read that Hardcore Porn has been cancelled THANK GOODNESS. I am so sick of the Old Familt...THIS SHOW SUCKS!!!!
Posted 05/15/14 at 22:55:18

at first 3 seasons this show was good but now its just the same crap over and over again.and half the cast isnt even there anymore now in season 8 they have all these young punks.cancel the show
Bob H.
Posted 03/30/14 at 15:27:58

When is everyone going to realize that half the time on this show it is shtick. The Gold family actually care for each other but the producers want them to not get along to add drama and keep viewers coming back. I very much like this show but, like wrestling, I view it more like a comedy. Customers argue just to get on tv and I wonder if most of the time, they are just actors. Who cares! Just enjoy the show!!
Posted 01/20/14 at 17:39:43

Wow what a messed up family. Please cancel this show. What happened to the good old days with STARTREK and DRAGNET. The US doesnt need to watch this dysfunctional family. Once again, young kids are watching this. Not good.
Posted 10/20/13 at 10:42:10

Any word on Rich?
Posted 09/21/13 at 22:48:31

I already made my comment, but only have a cell phone to type on, so the letters
Overlap, and mistakes were made. Sorry.
Bottom line. Listen to your father, learn from him. Never disrespect him
or one another.
I'm watching the show now, here we go again, les says the same old thing
"Don't argue in front of the customers". When will you put them I. Their place.
Ashley always lowballs the customers, and when Seth tries to
advise her of information regarding the deal, she flys into a fit.
Posted 09/21/13 at 22:37:31

I can't believe how disrespectful Les children are to him.
They need negotioation skills. None of the family knows how to be respectful, they need Counsilling.
I know that some of the behavior is part of keeping us interested, but A little disrespect goes a long way.
Both the kids need to speak to sack other like people do in the business world.
I realize that they deal with a lot of low lives, but that's the nature of dealing with the class of people they are involved with.
I ve seen both children treat each other disrecty.
Why would the father put up with any of this. Neither of them could hold a job at another company with their attitudes.
I think that Seth has a softer side than his sister. She's so controlling.
If she would speak in a softer tone to everyone. The business would be more enjoyable.
Les learned the hard way. earned his place.
The kids feel entitled. I don't understand wht at their age they haven't learned how business is.
It would be good for them to work at a place, where they are treated like everyone else. So what if they are Les s kids. If they cared about Les they would treat him with respect at all times.
They love to find him make a mistake. If he wasn't the businessman that he is, the kids wouldn't have a job.
Honor thy Father and thy Mother! Can they even learn this at this late date.
If Les doesn't get his kids some prof help, we won't see another successful generation.
I'm sick of the intense fighting.
This is also disrespectful to the employees.
I've been in HR for an Engineering Co, and also for GM. also worked customer service.
All I hear Les say is How Dare You talk to me like this.
Do your job, first be a respected parent/person. second put you money where your Mouth is with those disrespectful kids.
Ashley is all about control, even more than Seth.
Not once in my life did I speak disrespectfully to my parents, which after watching
You can't control all the customers, but you could do a better job.
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