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Aug 16, 2010 - Apr 06, 2015






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A reality series following the daily operations of a family-owned pawn shop.

Hardcore Pawn follows the goings-on at American Jewelry and Loan, a pawn shop in Detroit, MI. Owned by Les Gold, he and two children run the day-to-day operations of the business. Son Seth heads up the shop's marketing aspects and daughter Ashley is the shop's assistant manager.

Comments (279)

05/21/18 at 00:06am

At least reruns on another network.
Joe Lavelley
05/20/18 at 08:29pm

That show blew away Pawn Stars, it was raw and real, the owners were unpolished and the customers were insane! TRU TV why do you cancel all your GREAT Shows, BRING IT BACK!
Sherry Switalski
05/16/18 at 09:15am

Hardcore pawn was the reason I got cable. I love that show. Please bring it back. I would love to just sit in the store, and just people watch. Come on people bring it back.
Joann ruiz
05/08/18 at 11:16am

Please bring it back I liked that show it was a great show
amy kimberling
05/06/18 at 07:29pm

please bring it back
Scott R
04/30/18 at 03:01am

Please bring the show back it was so awesome and i miss it alot so please do bring it back
Art N.
04/29/18 at 09:03pm

Don't view true tv anymore. All the shows I liked aren't on anymore. Have these replacement shows I don't care for.
04/25/18 at 03:49pm

Please bring it back i love it
04/25/18 at 07:13am

there is enough rudeness in the world - we don't need to have shows with so much rude behaviour between family members as well as between store owners and clients. it is also too exaggerated.
Michael Oakes
04/25/18 at 05:14am


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