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A reality series following the daily operations of a family-owned pawn shop.

Hardcore Pawn follows the goings-on at American Jewelry and Loan, a pawn shop in Detroit, MI. Owned by Les Gold, he and two children run the day-to-day operations of the business. Son Seth heads up the shop's marketing aspects and daughter Ashley is the shop's assistant manager.

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Norman bolduc
Posted 05/26/16 at 17:18:47

Are you guys ever coming back? Loved the show.
Deanna Miller
Posted 05/19/16 at 11:15:27

Why?Why?Why? for petes' sake did you take "Hardcore Pawn" away. TruTv knew the ratings were way up there, so what's the deal? The TV show was something for me to look forward to every week. Please listen to the normal everyday people who love to watch Hardcore Pawn and ignore the crazies. Thanks for listening.
Posted 04/19/16 at 22:59:15

Please bring hardcore pawn back I love the show it's great it was my favorite show to watch
bradley mills
Posted 04/04/16 at 07:05:59

I love this show it is amazing.Thank you trutv.
danny hutchens
Posted 04/02/16 at 15:35:58

this is my favorite reality show on tv. I have been anxiously awaiting for it's return.if the executives decide to cancel this show, they should all be fired!!
danny hutchens
Posted 04/02/16 at 15:34:02

my favorite reality show on t.v. I have been anxiously awaiting for the show to return to tru t.v. if the executives decide to cancel this show, they should all be fired!!
Posted 03/27/16 at 18:32:07

Posted 03/25/16 at 10:53:33

Ashley really did quit and is running her own jewelery business. The show's up in the air because Seth and Karen probably don't want tob e seen as villians who finally got what they wanted so they're probably hoping Ashley's new business fails so she comes crawling back to them on their terms.
Posted 02/18/16 at 12:30:03

Please bring the show back miss it it was getting good when Ashley quit on last show won't to know what happen
Posted 02/17/16 at 08:39:11

When will the show be back ?

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