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A reality series following the daily operations of a family-owned pawn shop.

Hardcore Pawn follows the goings-on at American Jewelry and Loan, a pawn shop in Detroit, MI. Owned by Les Gold, he and two children run the day-to-day operations of the business. Son Seth heads up the shop's marketing aspects and daughter Ashley is the shop's assistant manager.

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Posted 04/19/16 at 22:59:15

Please bring hardcore pawn back I love the show it's great it was my favorite show to watch
bradley mills
Posted 04/04/16 at 07:05:59

I love this show it is amazing.Thank you trutv.
danny hutchens
Posted 04/02/16 at 15:35:58

this is my favorite reality show on tv. I have been anxiously awaiting for it's return.if the executives decide to cancel this show, they should all be fired!!
danny hutchens
Posted 04/02/16 at 15:34:02

my favorite reality show on t.v. I have been anxiously awaiting for the show to return to tru t.v. if the executives decide to cancel this show, they should all be fired!!
Posted 03/27/16 at 18:32:07

Posted 03/25/16 at 10:53:33

Ashley really did quit and is running her own jewelery business. The show's up in the air because Seth and Karen probably don't want tob e seen as villians who finally got what they wanted so they're probably hoping Ashley's new business fails so she comes crawling back to them on their terms.
Posted 02/18/16 at 12:30:03

Please bring the show back miss it it was getting good when Ashley quit on last show won't to know what happen
Posted 02/17/16 at 08:39:11

When will the show be back ?
Andy Corona
Posted 01/29/16 at 16:50:10

Hi Les, I love your show, and I love Ashley and Seth too, are you going to come back? Because I loved your show, and it's been a long time since I saw it, Please start a new season for us! Sincerely Andy(Paula))Corona
Michael moodini
Posted 01/25/16 at 05:38:51

Me and my friend Lex Luger the wrestler went on the show and had a great time I hope it will return in 2016

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