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Hardcore Pawn

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Network: truTV

A reality series following the daily operations of a family-owned pawn shop.

Hardcore Pawn follows the goings-on at American Jewelry and Loan, a pawn shop in Detroit, MI. Owned by Les Gold, he and two children run the day-to-day operations of the business. Son Seth heads up the shop's marketing aspects and daughter Ashley is the shop's assistant manager.

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Chris carson
Posted 06/23/17 at 08:23:33

When tru tv cancelled. Hardcore pawn. Lizard lick. South beach tow. Operation repo was when I cancelled watching tru tv. It was as bad as discovery channel cancelling Amish mafia... bring back these shows since we as costomers do pay to watch them.
Edna Jennings
Posted 06/23/17 at 05:13:11

Please bring back hardcore pawn
Wally Green
Posted 06/22/17 at 15:35:38

Bring back Hardcore Pawn pleeeaaaase!
Kurt Snyder
Posted 06/19/17 at 07:55:40

I saw Ashley as another Oliver Hardy And Spanky McFarland She's a great Actress. She knows How to use the camera like they did. From The Guy That Was With Bette Midler....
Posted 06/18/17 at 23:17:54

PLEASE bring back Hardcore Pawn, it's really missed by a lot of viewers.
Dontay Starr
Posted 06/17/17 at 21:36:09

When they cancelled Hardcore Pawn, South Beach Tow and Lizard Lick Tow that was it for me I STOPPED WATCH TRUTV ALL THE SHOWS ON THIS CHANNEL NOW SUCK
Don Mack
Posted 06/17/17 at 20:07:07

Hardcore Pawn is missed, too bad it's gone. Bring it back and many of us will re turn to Tru tv
Bebe Beasley
Posted 06/17/17 at 07:04:05

Please bring back my favorite TV show (of all time).
Patricia B
Posted 06/12/17 at 23:19:04

Why was the shows cancelled. There was nothing like Hardcore Pawn and Lizard Lick and South beach tow. Please bring them back.
Posted 06/10/17 at 05:43:44

Bring back hardcore pawn, I miss it so much. Les and Seth please bring the show back.

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Genre: Reality

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