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Hardcore Pawn

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Network: truTV

A reality series following the daily operations of a family-owned pawn shop.

Hardcore Pawn follows the goings-on at American Jewelry and Loan, a pawn shop in Detroit, MI. Owned by Les Gold, he and two children run the day-to-day operations of the business. Son Seth heads up the shop's marketing aspects and daughter Ashley is the shop's assistant manager.

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Posted 08/18/17 at 09:02:43

I very much enjoyed Hardcore Pawn. The one thing it had over Pawn Stars is it showed all the customers that pawned their personal items which is the bread and butter of all pawn shops. Though Pawn Stars is educational and I do enjoy Rick I preferred the reality of Hardcore Pawn. It at least showed not only the ability to know more about certain time periods and items but it showed what it's like to own and operate a pawn shop. BRING IT BACK!
Posted 08/17/17 at 18:28:24

The show is entertainment! On nearly every show you watch, common sense would tell you that some of it is staged. Nearly everything on TV is meant to be entertainment for God sake. You think Walking Dead is real TV???? Bring Hardcore Pawn back, please.
Posted 08/17/17 at 13:27:04

Why did Hard Core Pawn leave T. V.? IT WAS GREAT TO WATCH.
Mike L
Posted 08/13/17 at 20:46:25

This show was a complete Fake and staged, glad they are off the air....this whole network is a joke with staged shows lol
James Floriani
Posted 08/13/17 at 20:40:43

My wife and myself are retired and while we worked we would stay up late to see the program no when we can stay up and don't have to work next day-it be cancelled PLEASE BRING IT BACK-THROUGH OUT A SURVEY AND SEE HOW MANY PEOPLE WOULD WANT IT BACK- it was also a teaching program.thanks for your CONGRATULATIONS PLEASE THINK SERIOUSLY ABOUT THE PROGRAM.....
Posted 08/11/17 at 05:10:13

I think they should bring back hardcore pawn. Also operation repo and south beach tow.
Nsncy e
Posted 08/09/17 at 09:15:17

I really loved hardcore pawn. Will you at least show the reruns.
Danny Purches
Posted 08/06/17 at 07:13:52

I watch the show on blaze tv in scotland but now hear it no longer filming bring it back please we love it over here qask blaze tv how many people tune in when its on then you will bring it back
Jose viera
Posted 08/06/17 at 00:14:08

It would be profitable for your network by renewing a contract with the Gold family. Bring them back and you will see your ratings go up. It's a no brainer.
Posted 08/05/17 at 05:41:47

I'm glad the show cancelled. I believe the man is so racist in his show. He be littles his customers and cheats them when it comes to selling or buying. Thank god its over!!!!!!!!!!

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Genre: Reality

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