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Being Human

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Network: Syfy

A supernatural drama following three roommates - a ghost, a vampire, and a werewolf.

Based on the British series of the same name, Being Human focuses on three seemingly twentysomething roommates who happen to be a ghost, a vampire, and a werewolf. They each try to live a normal life and fit in despite their differences.

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Posted 09/15/14 at 23:32:17

How could you cancell Being Human? There are so many is so many others no one would miss. BBC renwed it does that have anything to do with it?
Posted 09/01/14 at 04:45:03

This show has many fans. How could you cancel such a good shows that alot of us watch? It's like canceling The Walking Dead.
Posted 08/28/14 at 02:11:00

I agree with WHY??:) Stupid shows like Housewives, Kardashians, etc... Who gives a shit about their lives. Why not do a show on the Smiths, Jones, Richardsons, etc... What has this world coming to that people enjoy watching real life instead of real imaginative thinking.
Posted 07/22/14 at 23:04:25

PLEASE bring this back again!
Posted 05/18/14 at 16:51:50

This american version was not remotely as good as the british version. If you are sad this show is cancelled i refer you to the original British version and watch good television.
Whyy?? :(
Posted 05/18/14 at 06:43:13

Good shows like this always end up getting cancelled while crappy shows like "Keeping Up with The Kardashians" last for almost eternity! So stupid... I really liked this show! So sad to see it go... :(
Posted 05/11/14 at 09:48:08

This didn't surprise me at all. The UK version was way better, and regardless, this would have been my last season of watching it no matter if it was renewed or not. And the way they ended it?? UGH! utterly predictable! Hopefully this will give Toby Whithouse more time to concentrate on his new show The Game which I cannot WAIT to see!
Posted 05/05/14 at 22:00:54

so sad
Jacques Slabbert
Posted 05/03/14 at 13:25:14

This show was huge here in South Africa as well. WTF. Seems like it is just a bunch of old farts living in the 60s still that runs this channel. Oh well nothing new for us to see brilliant US series' being cancelled one after another and yet crap like the boring stupid reality shows go on forever .......
Posted 04/20/14 at 02:34:05

I just could not get into the American version of this show. I watch the original English show,and have since it started in 2008 and I love it! I tried to watch this one, and it just didn't grow on me. I suggest that the people who are upset about the cancellation watch the UK version. You will love it, and there are more seasons.

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Genre: Drama / Fantasy

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Sam Witwer (Aidan)
Meaghan Rath (Sally)
Sam Huntington (Josh)
Mark Pellegrino (Bishop)
Sarah Allen (Rebecca)
Alison Louder (Emily)