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Network: Starz

A drama following a city mayor who is diagnosed with a degenerative neurological disorder.

Tom Kane is the mayor of Chicago who has recently been diagnosed with a degenerative neurological disorder called DLB. Determined to keep his powerful grip on the city, he hides his diagnosis from everyone in his life.

Using high doses of medication, he is able to keep the physical symptoms at bay but at the cost of intense side effects. Tom struggles with trying to get his job done despite a growing lack of trust of his memory, allies, and even himself.

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Kathleen Boudreau-Sakamoto
Posted 03/31/15 at 16:00:13

We not only truly looked forward to the (Boss )
We miss it like it was yesterday it was one of the best shows On T.V. And nothing has come close, it was great to see Kelsey Grammer play such a awesome evil guy! Just bring it back.... Still waiting !!! If it had gotten the P.R. There would have been your winner, it real ticks us the people when you heads mess up and Leave us fans just hanging....
Posted 02/07/15 at 22:45:21

It was one of the very best. I miss it now as much as when it was cancelled. I'd pay a $10.00 surcharge per episode to see new ones.
Ms. G
Posted 09/10/14 at 06:51:31

Very dissappointed when I heard the news of this show being cancelled, again we keep the crap shows on and get rid of anything that causes us to use our brain cells.
karen howell
Posted 07/22/14 at 09:52:01

Loved the show,only reason to pay for cable. PLEASE BRING IT BACK !!!!
Posted 05/07/14 at 07:38:17

House of cards killed this one. TBH, good as it was, not sure how much longer they can play out the crazy plot line.
Posted 12/14/13 at 14:46:39

Boss should be back on, I watched every episode, replace the people who promote the show.
Posted 09/10/13 at 03:56:50

Please Starz reconsider bringing back this drama. It was television at its finest.
Barbara Walker
Posted 06/03/13 at 12:50:44

This show is ( was ) FANTASTIC111. I cannot believe the viewer count was low. The show was so riveting, exciting, suspenseful. Kelsey Grammer was fantastic, the cast was great & the storyline kept me & my family hardly able to wait for the next week!!PLEASE RECONSIDER & BRING IT BACK FOR SEASON 2, 3& MORE.
Posted 05/15/13 at 21:41:05

Loved kelsey grammer in frasier, in cheers, in x men, as sideshow bob, he is a fantastic actor and was really looking forward to getting into this series.
Love your acting Kelsey Grammer !!
Posted 05/05/13 at 21:28:51

No way!!! One of the best series and you cancel it???
Good grief,I just got my sister hooked on it. Bring it

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Genre: Drama

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Kelsey Grammer (Tom)
Connie Nielsen (Meredith)
Martin Donovan (Ezra)
Kathleen Robertson (Kitty)
Hannah Ware (Emma)
Jeff Hephner (Ben)