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Franklin & Bash

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Network: TNT

A comical legal procedural following a pair of unconventional lawyers.

Two street-smart lawyers and longtime friends are recruited into an uptight law firm. The head of that firm hopes that their relaxed attitude can help bring new life into his workplace.

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Posted 10/11/15 at 21:59:46

Why do they keep canceling the good stuff and leaving the crappy reality shows on?
Posted 10/11/15 at 21:58:20

Grrr...mad about this show being cancelled. And still fuming about Perception getting the axe!!
Posted 01/22/15 at 15:27:50

What is it with TNT?!!! First "Dallas" and now this. This show was silly but it was also entertaining. Again, I hope another network picks it up.
Posted 12/23/14 at 00:02:24

hmmm, the characters WERE on the childest side. I mean, really, what adults, professional adults REALLY act like 12 year olds? But it WAS entertaining. Suspend reality, and it was a good show.
Posted 12/13/14 at 21:06:10

It said it saw a 50% drop off from previous seasons. Maybe if it hadn't been a year between seasons it would have done better. Just saying.
Posted 12/06/14 at 21:15:36

One of the most low class shows on tv...It was shocking how childish and lackadaisical it was. It was about time this got cancelled.
Jeff M
Posted 11/23/14 at 22:40:48

Are u joking. Here we go again. Let's cancel this wonderful show and maybe add another reality show. TNT has so very few good shows left it just makes no sense.
Joseph Montes
Posted 11/15/14 at 17:50:16

Are you kidding ... Dog gone it ... It-shay I say ... What a crock, so on and so forth, f o r e v e r . . .
Posted 11/13/14 at 20:32:46

Bring the show back
Posted 11/13/14 at 04:55:51

I like that show!! Please bring it back!!

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Genre: Drama / Legal

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Breckin Meyer (Jared)
Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Peter)
Malcolm McDowell (Stanton)
Dana Davis (Carmen)
Kumail Nanjiani (Pindar)
Reed Diamond (Damien)
Garcelle Beauvais (Hanna)