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Retired at 35

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Network: TVLand

A sitcom about a big-city businessman who leaves his job to live in a retirement community with his parents.

David is a successful New York businessman who one day decides to leave the big city life behind and move to Florida. There he moves in with his parents, who live in a retirement community, with hopes of re-evaluating his life and living the dream of retirement.

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Posted 10/02/13 at 20:53:21

Really not a bad show, better than a lot of junk Hollywood is putting out these days.sorry to see it go.
Posted 03/10/13 at 21:58:11

This was a good show
Posted 02/17/13 at 21:55:27

I enjoyed this show
Posted 06/17/12 at 17:47:34

Have always admired both Walters and Segal. But the plethora of such consistent banality of such lines as, to paraphrase:

"Don't have sex with a plant."

This is humor?

I finally believe that those once admired will do/say anything for a buck!

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Genre: Comedy

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George Segal (Alan)
Jessica Walter (Elaine)
Johnathan McClain (David)
Josh McDermitt (Brandon)
Ryan Michelle Bathe (Jessica)