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The Borgias

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A drama following the rise of one of the original crime families.

The Borgias is set in 15th century Italy at the height of the Renaissance, where corrupt patriarch Rodrigo Borgia has risen to the papacy, where he goes on to amass power, influence and enormous wealth for himself and his family - and commit any sin to retain it.

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Posted 03/24/14 at 00:17:58

If you're going to cancel a show like The Borgias, at least have the decency to give it a real ending. So many people liked this show, one more season wouldn't have killed you. IDIOTS.
Posted 03/13/14 at 20:39:30

Nooooo Borgias is cancelled! I can't believe it. I would love my Sunday nights just knowing that I was going to have something actually incredible to watch on TV.
Posted 03/03/14 at 11:04:33

The Borgias cancelled ... I believe it ! Why is a question for showtime. Does Showtime have a "good answer" , probably not. When I saw Holiday Grainger in Bonnie & Clyde, that was my 1st thought, "I'll bet "they" cancelled THE BORGIAS" !!!
bernice pritchard
Posted 03/01/14 at 20:00:46

I am very disappointed that "The Borgias" is being cancelled. Why? This is a great show. It was educational, enlightening and interesting.
I looked forward to seeing it and now I can't.
It would be nice is we could see it out.
Posted 02/05/14 at 20:42:27

The only show on the list that I watched, besides Homeland on Showtime. As soon as Homeland's season is over i'm cancelling Showtime. All the good shows are taken off and the crap is renewed.
Posted 02/04/14 at 20:48:27

I can believe you cancelled this show, I was just checking for the season start date,,This is a great series.
Posted 11/17/13 at 21:39:06

Showtime cancelled The Borgias so I just cancelled Showtime. The only reason I had Showtime was for The Borgias. Boo Showtime, boo!!!!
Posted 10/26/13 at 01:27:09

I agree -drop the network - maybe they will listen to the people - bring back this show - edgy and they actually act ! of course intelligent too with the history it teaches - lets out the people who watch Parking wars etc !!
Posted 09/28/13 at 17:09:42

And Honey Booboo is renewed - shows the state of the union. BLAH. Agree that it's time to cancel Showtime.
Posted 09/18/13 at 21:31:48

I cannot believe you cancelled the Borgias at this time. Just as I thought it possible that the series would start including people like DaVinci or other 15th century notables. What ever happened to Cesare's French wife? I think another season or at least a couple more episodes would be more appropriate than leaving fans twisting in the breeze.
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Genre: Drama

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Jeremy Irons (Pope Alexander VI)
Fran├žois Arnaud (Cesare)
Holliday Grainger (Lucrezia)
Joanne Whalley (Vannozza)
Lotte Verbeek (Giulia)
David Oakes (Juan)
Sean Harris (Miguel)
Simon McBurney (Johannes)
Aidan Alexander (Gioffre)
Colm Feore (Giuliano)