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A romantic comedy following a no-nonsense single mother who hires a laid-back contractor to remodel her kitchen.

Alex is a newly divorced single mother who moves into a small home with her young daughter and hires an irresponsible womanizer to renovate her kitchen.

Naturally, they clash over their differences at first, but may come to find that they get along better than originally thought.

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Posted 06/22/12 at 08:47:30

Also loved show. Sorry its gone
Posted 05/14/12 at 18:33:13

I really enjoyed this show and love Amanda Peet. She was perfect in this. I happened across this show by accident one day and started to watch all the previous aired shows On Demand. Would never had known about the show if I didn't trip over it. NBC could have done a better job getting the word out there. Well if they don't renew this show (which I really hope they do!) I would love to see Amanda Peet star in another show soon!
Posted 05/08/12 at 17:39:40

My husband & I really enjoyed this show....hope it is back on soon!
Dave Owens
Posted 05/08/12 at 11:34:45

I agree with all of the other commenters. I really enjoy this show.
Posted 05/03/12 at 10:41:18

I am missing this show. It is a witty comedy, my favorite kind. I hope the crew and cast are doing well and that the formula stays the same. Please do more advertising to draw in a larger audience so that it can continue.
Posted 04/26/12 at 20:29:50

I love this show! Anyone know when there will be more episodes?
Posted 04/26/12 at 19:12:09

Really great show! Sad more people don't know about it. Haven't seen any new episodes in a couple weeks, is it still on the air?
Posted 04/24/12 at 09:18:33

Great show, just too little publicity, Great writing, GREAT actors, Amanda Peet is a wonderful comedic actress, does not get credit she deserves. Please do not cancel this show! Let it build, let it grow.
Posted 04/19/12 at 20:33:24

One of the best shows in a long time. hope the network builds it up and gives it a chance.
Posted 04/18/12 at 17:22:49

Finally a show I really love. Please don't tell me that it is cancelled. Change the time slot so it does not run against Modern Family.

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Genre: Comedy

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Amanda Peet (Alex)
David Walton (Pete)
Joey King (Charlie)
Margo Harshman (Screwsie)
Walt (Jeffrey Tambor)