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A dramedy following a Vegas showgirl who moves to a sleepy coastal town.

Michelle in a former ballerina, or "bunhead" as they're known, who wound up becoming a showgirl in Las Vegas. With her career stalled and her life at a crossroads, Michelle impulsively marries a man and moves with him to his sleepy coastal town.

There, she takes an uneasy role at her new mother-in-law's ballet school as she adjusts to her new life.

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Uncle Dickie
Posted 09/07/15 at 19:09:11

One of the most delightful series ever to appear on television. The problem arises from the fact that shows are not renewed/cancelled based on how good they are. The decision is based solely on how many people tune in each week. Even though t5his show was loved by nearly everyone who watched it, the fact is that not enough people watched it.
elizabeth clagg
Posted 01/07/14 at 16:48:52

another good tv show I should know better then to like a good show they only keep stupid shows or reality dumb things. anything that requires a brain is canceled.
Posted 10/23/13 at 13:04:46

What a BUMMER … WE loved tis show. As a family of dancers, especially ballerinas, I cried when I couldn't find this show, and I knew something rotten had happened to it. Why are all the "clean" shows biting the dust? Idiots ….
Victoria L
Posted 10/16/13 at 23:49:40

Just heartbroken that this show is cancelled. I found it on my On Demand and fell in love immediately. It was funny, original, a little quirky. The humor was something that you needed more than 2 brain cells to comprehend so may be that's why the executives canceled it, because they couldn't understand it.
Posted 10/05/13 at 18:22:22

PLEEEEEEEASE Don't cancel this show! It is decent and quirky like Northern Exposure and Pushing Daisies and not many other shows inspire something in young girls AND teaches lessons of life. We LOVE this show and Sutton Foster. Kelly Bishop and the girls are great. We so looked forward to watching every week. What can we do to save it?
Posted 08/09/13 at 20:26:14

So bummed that bunheads is cancelled. This show was so funny and colorful. Im 32and enjoyed the hell out of this show. Please bring it back. You made a big mistake
Posted 07/25/13 at 07:38:10

Bunheads is My favorite show!!! I'm torn they would do this. Please reconsider abc family
Brian Keeler
Posted 07/24/13 at 15:47:05

How can you cancel a show like this which was interesting, funny, and had life vslues in it with some very tslented actors & actresses in it and then some of the stupidest shows I have ever seen on T.V. I.E. anything to do with Bridezellas, the Kardasians, Summer Camp, or any of the so called realality shows (which have nothing to do with actual reality all). I have to wonder about ABC sence of values.
Posted 07/20/13 at 19:22:20

If they cancel this show after they have cancelled the "Lying Game", I won't watch this network again, I'm sure they don't care, but I have done this with a couple of networks, because I get tired of getting interested in a show and it getting cancelled after only a season or two. I understand about ratings, but it is getting to be a joke with the stupid shows that manage to stay on for years and good shows get cancelled and most of it has to with how much money they have to put in the show and who is behind a show as much as anything else.If they would at least give a few episodes to tie up loose ends in a show, it would at least give you an ending, rather than leave you hanging.
Lying Game Loved
Posted 07/17/13 at 17:08:22

I hope this show dies with lying game it should die the Lyon game should have lived

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Genre: Comedy / Drama

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Sutton Foster (Michelle)
Kelly Bishop (Fanny)
Kaitlyn Jenkins (Bettina)
Bailey Buntain (Ginny)
Emma Dumont (Melanie)
Julia Goldani Telles (Sasha)