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Network: Disney

A comedy following a family with a dog who can talk.

This comedy follows a family with a new dog named Stan who can talk. However only the kids in the family know he can talk. Stan also keeps a blog where he discusses all the goings-on in the family household.

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Posted 04/09/16 at 21:34:17

Please renew dog with a blog for season 4! :) why do you want to cancel this show so soon? :) it's such a great show! :) please bring all of the cast, and crew back for season 4! :) the kids need to graduate from college or something before the show ends! :) why end it here? :) I watched all 3 seasons! :) my mom, and I cried once we saw that this was the end of the show! :) please renew the show for another season! :) I hope this show gets picked up for season 4! :) please don't cancel such a great show! :) I feel like STAN is part of our family! :) please renew the show for another season! :) I love this show! :) I give it a 10! :)
Posted 01/27/16 at 08:14:58

The show was alright. its canceled tho so no reason to say its still on the air
Posted 12/23/15 at 13:20:17

Show is ridiculously stupid.
Posted 11/04/15 at 19:51:47

No! It can't! :( please renew the show for season 4! :)
Posted 10/22/15 at 11:55:50

Please renew dog with a blog for season 4 I love this show! :) the cast is great! :) my mom, and I cried at the last episode! :) I have watched the first 3 seasons, they were good! :) please renew the series for season 4! :) I will miss this show! :) it's one of the best shows on tv! :) please don't stop with season 3! :) keep going! :) love the cast, and this show! :)
Posted 09/29/15 at 20:44:12

It was... Devastating! We all cried. We can't believe this is really the end 😢
Posted 09/29/15 at 14:57:06

I don't think it will be canceled tere is so much more
Posted 09/29/15 at 10:44:05

My family loves Dog With A Blog. We watched the September 26, 2015 episode and my kids started crying. They had no warning that this might be the last episode and was truly sadden by that episode. They went from excitement to feeling sad. I believe if this was the last episode I would have preferred a little notice. Usually Disney announces ahead of time last episode. That would have made it easier on the kids. We loved Stan and his family. Here is hoping for one more season.
Posted 09/26/15 at 18:23:33

Posted 03/18/14 at 09:28:51

whatever happened to the old school stuff like that's so raven or the replacements now Disney cancels shake it up ant farm and good luck Charlie? I think this is a bunch of BS

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