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Jane by Design

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A drama following a teen who gets her dream job after being mistaken for an adult.

Jane is a typical teenage girl who gets hired at Donovan Decker, a well-known fashion house, when they mistake her for an adult. Before long Jane is in over her head as she must juggle life as a full-time high school student as well as an assistant to a high-powered executive in the fashion world. And all while trying to keep her true identity a secret.

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Posted 02/18/16 at 10:56:53

Posted 01/25/15 at 09:47:49

I was so so sad when I found out it was cancelled. It was a favorite. I love fashion and loved the relationships of the show. Terrible decision!
Posted 01/29/14 at 06:22:37

I am so sick of good shows being cancelled. My granddaughters always looked forward to getting together and having grandma's night watching a girlie show together. This was a show that teens could watch without the drugs and elicit sex. Do you ever really take a poll and ask the real people their opinions?
Posted 12/15/13 at 16:39:06

I hate it canceled but hey thats life thanks for telling me or I'll still be waiting around every tuesday at 8 waiting to see of its on
- You people are amazing for making this website!
- You hurt people feelings but they wouldnt have came on here if they weren't looking for something
Alayna Thiriot
Posted 11/23/13 at 23:26:21

Please bring it back :( I'm so made.
Posted 09/16/13 at 21:06:25

I really enjoyed the show. Please bring it back and give it an ending that wraps it up instead of leaving people hanging or better yet keep it running indefinitely. It is a great mother daughter program
Posted 08/29/13 at 14:02:53

bring it back now
Posted 08/29/13 at 14:01:51

why my mom love that show i love it if it don't come back i will hate that network better come back by setember12013
Posted 08/18/13 at 06:16:08

They seem to have enough room for The Vineyard and Spell Mageddon, but not for amazing shows like Jane by Design, The Lying Game, or Bunheads. This makes me overwhelmingly angry.
Posted 08/08/13 at 21:26:00

i was really disappointed when jane by the design was cancelled the only time u get to watch jane by design is 18 epsiode on netflix which i wish there was more to the show and they always cancel the really good shows :(

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Genre: Drama

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Erica Dasher (Jane)
Nick Roux (Billy)
Rowly Dennis (Jeremy)
David Clayton Rogers (Ben)
Meagan Tandy (Lulu)
Matthew Atkinson (Nick)
Andie MacDowell (Gray)