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A daily talk show hosted by Katie Couric.

Award-winning journalist and best-selling author Katie Couric produces and hosts this daytime talk show focused on current and important issues.

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Kathleen Boudreau-Sakamoto
Posted 03/31/15 at 16:25:16

I always liked Katie, but after just a few shows her true self started showing , if she would have told us one more time how competitive she was I may have lose it! She Is such a sore loser's and rude to her guest as well I'm happy she's gone and so sorry I ever seen that nasty selfish side no longer a Katie fan true colors really showed through in living color!!!
Genna Lewis
Posted 09/16/14 at 11:05:41

I loved Katie's show. She had very interesting people and handled the guest very comfortably and personal. She's beautiful and always dressed in cool clothes. Meredith is silly and has flippant subjects. She looks uncomfortable and uninformed. The researches need to cut the goofy stuff. It doesn't do anything for her class of a woman. I wouldn't expect her staff to degrade her like that. She needs more provoking information to work with. At least Katie's show had good staff giving her fun and interesting information. Poor Meredith doesn't have a chance.
Posted 07/21/14 at 12:37:11

I don't understand cancelling Katie Couric's show. I'm watching her show right now and it's with a doctor and his take on ADHD. I find it interesting and educational. She has a lot of interesting shows. Her show is broadcasted at 3:00 pm on abc. There are other shows, but mostly more about a dating show, getting people romantically involved. I like Steve Harvey, but I switch to Katie Couric. Right now she has a segment about eating healthy.
Posted 01/28/14 at 01:17:28

If she's been cancelled. Why is she on until June 2014. I don't have cable , just a converter box. That doesn't leave me a lot of choices unfortunately. Lately I go ib the other roon and watch Netflix. Bye bye Katie. I would say I'm going to missy you, but I don't lie.....
Posted 01/28/14 at 00:14:37

Why is she still on twice a day? I thought she was CANCELLED ....She used to takn about her guns. The other day on hef show she was wearing a sleeveless with sagging skin in the underarm area of dress. Take her off NOW !!!!!!!!
Posted 01/16/14 at 21:41:47

thank god the wicked witch is dead....that's all everyone wanted and we got it. I hope I never have to see her ugly mug on TV again.
Klaus Baesler
Posted 01/07/14 at 12:41:53

Katie is boring bring back the soaps
Paula Irwin
Posted 06/18/13 at 19:19:31

I love Katie! I enjoy her perkiness and I find hert show very enjoyable and informative.
Primetime Blabber
Posted 03/12/13 at 13:18:38

why is this opinionated fake talk show still on air, take this garbage off, no wants or likes Hatie Boreic....

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