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Sullivan & Son

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Network: TBS

A comedy following a lawyer who gives up his practice to run a bar owned by his father.

Steve is a corporate attorney in New York who travels to Pittsburgh to visit his retiring parents who are getting ready to sell their bar.

Much to their surprise, Steve decides to stick around and run the bar, which is the unofficial neighborhood "town hall".

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Posted 05/30/15 at 21:59:09

Sick if every goid show being cancelled.god i hate reality tv.i grew up with goid shows like this.they do b t give them the attention they deserve
Posted 11/22/14 at 08:53:02

Very sad to see it cancelled.Knowing that the comedy was declining a little this past season and the fact that TBS ran it into the ground,playing the same 50 shades of grey commercial constantly instead of a different one.This show had a very special edgey "All In The Family" type quality that you just don't see anymore. Maybe another station will pick it back up and give it the creativity freedom it needs.
Posted 11/20/14 at 20:40:34

Posted 11/16/14 at 15:16:50

So you want a show canceled because you don't like it? Burned any books lately?
Posted 08/06/14 at 09:14:43

I don't understand how this show is still on the air. It is not funny, clever, creative or entertaining. Even the commercials for it are so obnoxious that I have to mute my TV when they come on. If anyone is listening, PLEASE cancel this show.

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Genre: Comedy

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Steve Byrne (Steve)
Dan Lauria (Jack)
Christine Ebersole (Carol)
Brian Doyle-Murray (Hank)
Jodi Long (Ok Cha)
Valerie Azlynn (Melanie)
Vivian Bang (Susan)
Owen Benjamin (Owen)