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The Soul Man

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Network: TVLand

A spin-off from Hot in Cleveland following a former R&B singer turned minister.

Reverend Boyce "The Voice" Ballantine is a former R&B superstar who gave up his career for a higher cause. After getting "the calling", he picked up his live in Las Vegas to move his family to St. Louis, where he becomes a preacher in his father's church.

While the reverend is certain on his decision, his wife and daughter don't quite share his excitement for leaving behind their luxurious lifestyle for a far more humble one.

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Posted 11/11/14 at 04:25:47

I love the show when is season 4 coming 0n I can't wait I thing it is very funny
Mike Wallace
Posted 08/23/14 at 21:35:31

Why when a ebony show is good you cut the plug from them you dont have that many tv shows that of color you need to check them.
Charles williams
Posted 06/01/14 at 10:55:05

The Soul man is Great*.I like Stamps and Kim, Lolli and Kim are funny together and Barton i cool funny....GREAT CAST
Charles williams
Posted 06/01/14 at 10:41:36

I like THE SOUL MAN SHOW..season 2&3 was Great* and fun and funny, can't wait for season 4....!!!!!
Posted 11/27/13 at 17:19:05

I really like the Soul Man. I can't wait for a new season. The show is funny and the acting is really good. Unfortunately, I didn't start watching the series until the 2nd season. Thank God it re-aired on BET (pun intended).
Posted 11/24/13 at 11:15:46

I think Soul man was a mockery to the Christian church. They could have picked better cleaner actors/actress than Frederick and Neesy. They have been tainted by other vulgar roles they have already played.
Posted 11/07/13 at 16:05:52

I love soul man can't wait for the new season to start!!!
Posted 07/07/13 at 10:49:33

I still like the show but the rating drop at 11pm time.
Posted 03/18/13 at 00:01:45

i love the show when is season 2 coming on i want to catch the start
Posted 02/17/13 at 22:01:21

can not wait for season 2

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Genre: Comedy

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Cedric the Entertainer (Sherman)
Niecy Nash (Lolli)
Wesley Jonathan (Fletcher)
Jazz Raycole (Lyric)
John Beasley (Barton)