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Network: ABC

A drama following a woman who has an affair with a lawyer of a powerful family.

When Sara and Jack have a chance meeting, their attraction is immediate - even though they are both already in relationships. They begin an affair, but Sara soon learns that Jack is a top attorney representing the son of a powerful businessman who her husband is prosecuting in a murder trial.

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Comments (82)

William Howe
Posted 11/11/14 at 12:32:23

Mature content will not guarantee your show will succeed you need a coherent story. And likable characters doesn't hurt either.
Posted 09/30/14 at 14:31:18

I didn't know the show was cancelled, I was looking forward to it. Why was it cancelled? Loved this show! Bring it back Please! Other good shows was Missing, Nashville and Hostage. Why run a show then cancel it so foolish!
Posted 09/27/14 at 04:20:54

I love this show, the best I saw.
Posted 08/27/14 at 16:20:55

I didn't know betrayal was cancelled. Disappointed, I agree about Reality TV, hate them,
all the same garbage. I enjoy looking forward to continuing shows with story lines.
Everything on TV is junk, a lot of channels that we pay for, horrible to watch.
Posted 08/21/14 at 12:27:09

Where is everyone finding the info about this show being cancelled? Why isn't posted on this site?
Posted 08/14/14 at 16:18:48

Sorry to hear the show was canceled! I enjoyed the show, and the cast! My husband and I were looking forward to the start of the new season! I can honestly say we have given up on prime time! Anything and everything on prime time we watch gets canceled after the first season! Very disappointing. I am so tired of all the music! If I wanted music i would listen to commercial free radio!!
Posted 07/27/14 at 19:36:40

PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL BETRAYAL!!! I really enjoyed this show. The chemistry between Sara and Jack is very intriguing and leaves you wanting to know more. One of the better shows on prime time TV. And my favorite Sunday night line up ... Once Upon A Time, Revenge and Betrayal. Doesn't get any better than that!!
Posted 07/09/14 at 14:42:07

Really loved this show! Everyone that I know that watched it was like "WTF?" when I told them it was being cancelled. Makes me not want to get attached to shows or waste my time anymore watching something until I know if it is going to have a season 2 or not. Seriously. Put a little more planning into what you put on the air and stop jerking us around! This was a good one and you yanked it!!!
Posted 07/02/14 at 17:46:11

Ugh!! Really tired of getting "into" shows and then they get cancelled ... Has it always been like this? Happens a lot lately ... Very irritating!
Posted 06/16/14 at 20:17:59

Can't believe Betrayal has been cancelled. Really liked the show.
Very disappointed!!

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Genre: Drama

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Hannah Ware (Sara)
Stuart Townsend (Jack)
Chris Johnson (Drew)
Henry Thomas (T.J.)
Wendy Moniz (Elaine)
James Cromwell (Thatcher)
Elizabeth McLaughlin (Valerie)
Braeden Lemasters (Victor)