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Ground Floor

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A comedy following the relationship between a banker and a maintenance supervisor working in the same building.

Brody is a successful young banker who discovers that the girl he had a one-night stand with works as the maintenance supervisor of his building. They now must deal with their feelings for each other while attempting to find a balance between their different lines of work.

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Posted 05/05/15 at 15:33:46

I loved this show. I thought it was trying to find its way in season 2 and had great characters and potential, too bad it didn't get another season to see what it could be. I thought John C. McGinley was great as Mansfield. Hopefully someone else picks up this show and cast.
Posted 04/24/15 at 06:00:56

Thanks god! This was awful good actors but the script!!! Terrible, not an original thought
Posted 05/19/14 at 07:02:29

Really like this show a lot! But how can it continue if one if the main characters (Briga Heelan) is now going to be on a new show called Undatable?
Posted 05/11/14 at 20:57:51

I have a feeling the show will get cancelled by the 2nd season. They renew a show any show and then outta the blue it gets cancelled.
Look at this site at all the shows that got renewed and then cancelled.
Posted 04/02/14 at 16:58:47

It's growing on me, can only get better.
Posted 03/02/14 at 20:02:32

LOVE it! Great mix of actors and people and absolutely love the musical touches! Hilarious and I hope it lasts.

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Genre: Comedy

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Skylar Astin (Brody)
Briga Heelan (Jenny)
Rory Scovel (Mark)
Rene Gube (Mike)
James Earl (Derrick)
Alexis Knapp (Tori)
John C. McGinley (Remington)