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A drama following an undercover cop working to bring down a criminal empire.

Grace Travis is an undercover police detective who is tormented by the possibility that she may have caused her son's death. In order to find out the truth she becomes a double agent, working for a powerful crime boss she hopes will lead her to her son's killer.

Things get complicated when she enters a forbidden relationship with Jimmy, the crime boss she is working to bring down. In order to stay alive Grace must work with Jimmy, all while knowing he may have played a part in her tragedy.

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Posted 02/14/17 at 13:10:09

Where can I buy rogue season 3 on dvd
Herb Warren
Posted 04/09/16 at 06:53:22

This is a great show. I found it late and have been binge watching to get caught up. So, is it cancelled after season 4 or not. I hope there will be a season 5.
Posted 10/17/14 at 23:19:40

Thanks for the hard and awesome job you doing in this site!
FYI, Rogue Renewed for Seasons 3 & 4 By DirecTV!
Originally posted:
Posted 09/22/14 at 16:47:49

Season one was incredibly sexy and dynamic. Season 2 was like watching a completely different show, yet somehow left me wanting more in the form of a season 3. Will Jimmy come back to avenge Alec? I hope so! Otherwise I may not stick with it.
Posted 08/17/14 at 21:49:51

great to see this has been renewed for 2 more seasons...
Posted 06/26/14 at 17:43:57

I'm a bit late to the party for this show. Just started watching S01 and finding this really awesome. Great to see
Thandie Newton as lead actress.
If S02 is as good as what I've seen of S01 so far, I'm in for some great TV viewing.
Posted 06/23/14 at 15:28:12

Suprised this show is still on air. Total rubbish and lets hope they bin it after this season.
David Wood
Posted 06/12/14 at 18:59:25

I enjoyed the first season but the second season premiere was such a downer I couldn't stomach finish watching it.

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Genre: Drama

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Thandie Newton (Grace)
Marton Csokas (Jimmy)
Joshua Sasse (Alec)
Matthew Beard (Max)
Leah Diane Gibson (Cathy)
Kavan Smith (Tom)