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Network: FX

An animated comedy following a rapper trying to rebuild his career after being released from prison.

Chozen is a gay white rapper who has recently been paroled from prison. His time locked up gave him a new world view, and he is now on a mission for redemption... and to claim his rightful position as the world's best rapper.

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Posted 01/15/15 at 11:48:37

Sorry, but I just couldn't drink the cool-aid on this one and I'm a hard-core Archer fan.
Posted 05/16/14 at 14:34:33

Man, that show was beyond hilarious. Damn you FX.

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Genre: Comedy / Animated

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Bobby Moynihan (Chozen)
Michael Pena (Ricky)
Hannibal Buress (Crisco)
Nick Swardson (Troy)