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Network: NBC

An action drama following the kidnapping of children who have some of the country's most powerful parents.

When students of the elite Ballard High School are ambushed on a field trip, a national crisis is ignited. Some of the country's most powerful parents - including the President - are suddenly at the mercy of a criminal mastermind.

How far will they go to ensure their children's safe return?

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Comments (44)

Posted 08/11/15 at 13:53:24

It was cancelled because there was no T @ A it you know what I mean wink wink
Pauline Love
Posted 03/17/15 at 02:38:06

This program was a con, it said that Gillian Anderson was one of the stars and yet she is hardly ever featured in an episode. Thank goodness there will only be one series.
Posted 11/24/14 at 08:11:53

another great show that felt more like a mini-series and again thankfully it had an ending.
Posted 09/16/14 at 23:22:25

The previous comment should read shows not sho.
Please excuse the typo.
Posted 09/16/14 at 23:21:17

One more thing I would like to mention. I compared the ratings of the show I like that were cancelled to some that remained and noticed that the cancelled show had higher ratings than the ones that were picked up for another season.
So if it really is ratings, please explain how a lowered rating show can go for three or more seasons while a higher rated show in which viewers take the time to write you their support is cancelled?
Posted 09/16/14 at 23:17:04

Let's see All To Human, Believe, and Crisis.
Do the networks use an ABC System and the Nielsens to determine how to cancel?
It certainly can't be relying upon viewers choices.
There have been many good points made. I would like to emphasize three: (1) I do not intend to view any new shows on network television because I am certain the ones I would watch will be cancel due to the fact that they call for a higher intelligence level than the networks are willing to entertain; (2) A large number of viewers do use other media to watch their favorite shows. I started watching Sleepy Hollow after watching a marathon of shows on my computer. I will have to let a season pass, catch u on it on the computer, and then watch it on network television; and (3) I had almost eliminated knetwork tv shows until I caught the season of Almost Human, Believe, Crisis, Resurrection, and Sleepy Hollow. I then added about three more. I will now watch them on the network websites and switch back to cable.
As it was I was really watching more television than I had time for. You resolved this problem for me and left me without feeling self-deprived.
I should have know better than to trust that the networks had matured--now I do.
Posted 07/03/14 at 16:05:53

I'm not surprised that Crisis ended. Yes, it was a terrific show with terrifying acting and I made darn sure to catch every episode, but the fact is, with the type of plot, goal and storyline, there was not much of a way to get more than a season out of it. Sad that it's gone, but not surprised.
Posted 06/29/14 at 10:24:08

two great shows Believe and Crisis and you cancel Yes I wish Netflix would pick up these 2 if possible. Good shows with great acting. please find a spot for these shows and do not cancel them!!!
Posted 06/22/14 at 17:47:31

You cancelled another great show with smart scripts and acting. You put the finale on SATURDAY night, instead of it's regular night. Than boast about the low ratings so you can justify your stupid decision to cancel. I don't think you people know what a good program is. It not the mindless dribble that you expect us to watch to replace intelligent programming.
Posted 06/21/14 at 19:50:03

I hadn't watched anything on NBC in years and was surprised to find myself enjoying a couple of their shows - Crisis and Believe. I guess I shouldn't be surprised they're cancelled. The Networks only pander to the lowest common denominator anymore. Any show that makes people really pay attention seems to be above their tolerance level.

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Gillian Anderson (Meg)
Dermot Mulroney (Francis)
Lance Gross (Marcus)
Rachael Taylor (Susie)
Stevie Lynn Jones (Beth)
Max Martini (Koz)
James Lafferty (Mr. Nash)
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