Jane the Virgin

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Oct 13, 2014 - Present


The CW


Comedy / Drama


Jane - Gina RodriguezRafael - Justin BaldoniMichael - Brett DierXiomara - Andrea NavedoPetra - Yael GrobglasAlba - Ivonne CollRogelio - Jaime Camil

A dramedy following a religious Latina woman who is accidentally artificially inseminated.

Jane Villanueva is a 23 year old woman studying to become a teacher but has dreams of one day becoming a writer. She spent her days growing up watching telenovelas with her grandmother, who instilled in her that women must protect their virginity at all costs.

Jane is now engaged to a good-looking man named Michael, who loves her enough to be okay with her insistence on saving herself for marriage. Jane's plans are turned upside down, however, when she is accidentally artificially inseminated during a routine check-up. To make things worse, the specimen used to impregnate her belongs to a former crush, who also happens to own the hotel where she works.

Jane is now faced with the life-changing decision on whether or not to continue with the pregnancy, knowing that whatever she chooses to do will affect the lives of those around her.

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11/11/17 at 03:42pm

Ro is probably the best character on the show! I hope this gets renewed for another 2 or 3 seasons, maybe more!
12/13/16 at 06:31pm

I am so in love with the show, the cast and the drama! I need ths show in my life! The hot guys! and Rogelio is so lovable, I can't stand not seeing this charactor charm and amaze me
Jennifer Pilkinton
05/14/16 at 03:45pm

Don't cancel it! Absolutely love it! :) Don't listen to the negativity! :)
03/20/16 at 07:47pm

It amazes me that so many actually like this show! My opinion is, is it is the worst show on the cw. In the mean time I-Zombie is awesome and faces the possibility of not being renewed.. Everyone please tune on cw Tuesday night to watch I-Zombie!! If you like Jane you will love Live More from I-Zombie. The more that watch it the more chance we have for season 3. I can't lose this show. Other top shows Supernatural obviously and then the Originals is also the bomb. Lol Maybe I should give Jane another chance but please CW do not lose my I-Zombiw..
Jaime Bedolla
03/01/16 at 03:24pm

awesome show, i hope it keeps going
01/05/16 at 01:06pm

Even as a guy, I have always loved telenovelas. It's great that this show sticks so close to a successful format. I enjoyed the concept; and fear it will lose momentum; however like many good soaps, the show with a great staff of writers who understand the concept of a good telenovela can live to explain to a new generation how such a show got it's name, long after the virgin is no longer...well... a virgin. ;-) It's great that we have the diversity to enjoy the concept in an predominantly English speaking show, and I get to keep up with my Mexican/Spanish (latino) language skills. Plot idea: like so many soap stars come back to life; perhaps once again, Jane is accidentally (on purpose) inseminated. We could have an entire season devoted to creating the plot and motive. XD
12/13/15 at 10:27pm

I'm amazed that people don't like this show. If you don't like it, don't watch it. I for one saw the commercials for this show and had to see it! I've been watching it ever since. So for all the haters, I hope your shoes get cancelled. You're not the only ones in this world, so please shut up and don't ruin it for the rest of us. I'm sick of losing good shows because of dimwit people.
12/13/15 at 10:24pm

I loooooove this show! It's so amazing with how many things you have to keep up with which is awesome because it keeps it interesting. I'm a huge fan of this show and I pray that it will not be cancelled!!
11/26/15 at 08:10am

I love this show so much!! Keep shooting episodes!! I don't understand why people don't like this show! It is funny and interesting! Love this show!
09/20/15 at 02:10pm

Love Love this show please do not cancel

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