Jane the Virgin

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Oct 13, 2014 - Jul 31, 2019


The CW


Comedy / Drama




Jane - Gina RodriguezRafael - Justin BaldoniMichael - Brett DierXiomara - Andrea NavedoPetra - Yael GrobglasAlba - Ivonne CollRogelio - Jaime Camil

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A dramedy following a religious Latina woman who is accidentally artificially inseminated.

Jane Villanueva is a 23 year old woman studying to become a teacher but has dreams of one day becoming a writer. She spent her days growing up watching telenovelas with her grandmother, who instilled in her that women must protect their virginity at all costs.

Jane is now engaged to a good-looking man named Michael, who loves her enough to be okay with her insistence on saving herself for marriage. Jane's plans are turned upside down, however, when she is accidentally artificially inseminated during a routine check-up. To make things worse, the specimen used to impregnate her belongs to a former crush, who also happens to own the hotel where she works.

Jane is now faced with the life-changing decision on whether or not to continue with the pregnancy, knowing that whatever she chooses to do will affect the lives of those around her.

Comments (24)

11/26/15 at 08:10am

I love this show so much!! Keep shooting episodes!! I don't understand why people don't like this show! It is funny and interesting! Love this show!
09/20/15 at 02:10pm

Love Love this show please do not cancel
alicia avery
03/01/15 at 09:01pm

I think the people who hate it can suck it up most people love it I know I do it funny and lots of surprizing moments in it
01/08/15 at 07:12pm

The comments surprise me, too. This show is incredibly witty and sweet. It plays out in a style very similar to a telenovela, but does so in a playful and fun way. My wife and I LOVE this show. Best show of the new season by far.
12/15/14 at 03:24am

Wow it is either hate it or really really love it. I find it funny. The person narrating the show really sells it. Sorry for those who do not like it. I am very disappointed in the ratings hope they will improve
12/04/14 at 03:00pm

I agree with Rebecca, this show sounds idiotic -- it's a bad sign if the previews don't make you say "I gotta see this show".
Elijah Perry
11/22/14 at 03:26pm

It's a great show. I love it, I love it, I love it. :D
11/08/14 at 08:03pm

worst show ever !!! really horrible plot that doesnt make ant sense,terrible writing.and found it offensive.
10/22/14 at 03:05am

Worst show the CW has ever made. Just terrible. Please cancel it soon.
10/21/14 at 04:58am

OMGoodness....I love, love, love this show. I tuned in because the title grabbed my attention. Seriously? Jane the Virgin. As a viewer, you have to wonder. The pilot way exceeding all my expectations. It is witty, charming, funny, sweet, cute, unique....and I love the fact that there is a Spanish based narrator. Tune in....you too might be pleasantly surprised. I hope this show continues.

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