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A drama following life at a Mixed Martial Arts gym.

Alvey Kulina is the owner of Navy St. MMA, a mixed martial arts gym in Venice, California. Along with his girlfriend's help, Alvey goes to great lengths to ensure his fighters are taken care of. The responsibilities that go along with this, however, come at a steep price.

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Posted 04/08/17 at 14:31:21

I can't believe this show is cancelled!!! I love it. DIRECTV needs to cancel ICE and keep Kingdom!!!!!!
Posted 07/10/16 at 22:56:58

@Robert - perfectly agree. Especially about the part where Jonathan Tucker steals the show. As far as I'm concerned he's the heart and soul of it. Such a fantastic actor
Posted 06/04/16 at 13:18:08

Does anyone know from where I could download some of this tv series episodes?
Posted 02/11/15 at 21:11:01

This show really blew me away. I was so prepared to hate it but ended up binge watching Season 1!
Nick Jonas does a great job with his character and is definitely on his way to shedding his teen idol past, but it's Jonathon Tucker as his older brother Jay, who steels the show.
DAMN! I hate it when I binge watch a great show and then have to wait months for the next season!
Posted 01/04/15 at 14:36:11

Love this show! Keeps me on my toes and wanting more!
Posted 11/07/14 at 18:53:24

i tried to watch this for 10 min., i don't like the cast at all, never going to watch this ever again
Megan Parker
Posted 11/01/14 at 00:18:00

Surprisingly good show. Nick Jonas completely sheds his boy band image and plays his character quite well. Really liking the mother/son story line with Jay. The story on each character develops with each episode and leaves you wanting more. I hope to see a lot more of this series! The only downside is that it airs on a rather limited network so not everyone gets a chance to watch it. Hope they make it available to more viewers soon.

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Genre: Drama

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Frank Grillo (Alvey)
Kiele Sanchez (Lisa)
Matt Lauria (Ryan)
Jonathan Tucker (Jay)
Nick Jonas (Nate)
Joanna Going (Christina)