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A drama following a modern couple's marriage at its mid-point and the unconventional choices they make.

Neil Truman is an investment banker who one day learns that his wife, Grace, is involved in an affair with a male escort. When Neil gets a hold of the escort's phone, he discovers more about the escort's life as well as his wife's - who has been questioning whether their marriage is worth saving.

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Posted 06/13/16 at 15:20:54

Great show can't believe it is canceled
Posted 03/01/16 at 02:21:21

Enjoyed first season but then it went off just too weird and changed into soft porn....very disappointed and apparently most other people were since it was rightfully cancelled.
Posted 02/28/16 at 04:49:45

I tried to watch this show and barely made it through the first season and watched the first episode of season 2 then dropped the show due to it not keeping me intrigued.
Vi Plckie
Posted 12/12/15 at 09:35:28

It said last night it had 2 episodes left. Does that mean it's over or done for the season? When will it return?
Thank you
Vi Plckie
Posted 12/12/15 at 09:30:57

Is this show going to be cancelled? Please don't let this show be cancelled or ended as this is my favorite show. It's different and for once it's not the typical type of show that goes the way you think it should.
It has an awful lot of possibilities especially since the show has Grace and Neil starting their own escort business. Please keep it going for at least a little while.
Thank you
Posted 08/19/15 at 14:30:32

Edie, look at the top of the page... it says it premieres on October 16.
Edie Fallon
Posted 08/19/15 at 13:40:27

When will season 2 start
Posted 09/29/14 at 16:15:48

please dont cancel this show, i just started watching online. I'm caught up and looking forward to a season 2! Simon is so fine!
Posted 08/19/14 at 11:24:48

I agree with what Melissa says, I'd like to add that I predict big things for this show. I like the way the texts are displayed "on screen", keep up the good work, i'll keep watching ...
Melissa M.
Posted 07/19/14 at 17:15:40

Pilot episode seemed to have a slow start but got more interesting by the end and hooked me in the last 5 minutes.

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Genre: Drama

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Matt Passmore (Neil)
Stephanie Szostak (Grace)
Michael Vartan (Dylan)