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Network: ABC

A comedy following a woman obsessed with using social media to gain popularity.

Eliza Dooley loves social media. She has 263,000 followers who track her every post, tweet, and selfie. One day she has an unexpected revelation that being popular online is not the same as having friends in real life. Now wanting to rebrand her image, Eliza seeks the help of a marketing guru to teach her how to really connect with people.

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Comments (27)

Posted 06/16/15 at 23:57:12

I am running out of shows to watch. We do not need another reality tv show. They are taking away from "real" tv shows like this one.
Posted 05/20/15 at 18:15:47

My husband is PICKY when it comes to tv shows. Me I'm a tv junkie, him, he's more selective. So I was surprised when he liked this show and wanted to watch it with me, (lol, it's the only tv show of mine that he likes)! This show would prosper on Hulu.
Posted 01/15/15 at 11:37:02

A harmless comedy with lovable characters that deserved a second season after watching the remaining episodes after it was cancelled. I'll miss this show.
Posted 01/15/15 at 08:36:23

I know Selfie's pilot left a very sour taste in my mouth but I continued to watch the show. It got better and I actually enjoyed all of the characters/storylines. I hope it gets revived. I look forward to Hulu.
Posted 01/03/15 at 11:29:26

Such a great show - ABC missed the mark by cancelling this one. I'm glad I can see the last episodes on HULU and I'd like to see them make more.. The characters are great, story is great and I laugh out loud EVERY episode..
Posted 12/24/14 at 14:57:02 break my heart all the time. You guys cancel way too many shows!
Posted 12/19/14 at 08:59:12

This show got better every episode - I hope another network picks it up, it's really good.
Posted 12/14/14 at 14:38:59

I actually enjoy watching this show. I was glad to see I could continue with episodes on Hulu+...too bad it got cancelled. It seems that the only shows that start airing that I enjoy tend to get cancelled these days, but all the shows that fall a bit lower on the entertainment scale stay on air (note: modern family? ugh).
Posted 12/14/14 at 01:05:43

Selfie is the best new comedy on ABC. I'm hoping it still has a chance to be renewed.
Posted 12/10/14 at 18:17:39

I love this show!! It just keeps getting better and better. I wish ABC would give shows a chance before canceling them!! I really hope it doesn't stay cancelled!

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Genre: Comedy

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Karen Gillan (Eliza)
John Cho (Henry)
Tim Peper (Ethan)
Allyn Rachel (Bryn)
David Harewood (Sam)
Amber Rose (Fit Brit)