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A psychological thriller following detectives in the LAPD's Threat Management Unit.

Jack Larsen and Beth Davis work for the Los Angeles Police Department's specialized unit geared towards cases involving stalking. These can range from romantic fixation to voyeurism, and even cyber harassment crimes.

They are good at what they do because they themselves share similar behavioral traits to the criminals they pursue. Their days are spent dealing with all types of stalking cases, but they must also fight to keep their own obsessions at bay.

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Posted 04/02/16 at 07:50:58

Really enjoyed the show and the cast. How are these decisions made?
Posted 03/21/16 at 06:16:57

Might have something to do with the writer Kevin Williamson. Seems his shows as of late have been getting cancelled. The Following, Stalker. Next on the chopping block will be The Vampire Diaries and Scream the series
Posted 01/19/16 at 22:11:28

I'm so mad why that was a great show .
Sandra Hines
Posted 01/19/16 at 19:40:57

Ok, T.V. People, that cancell good shows. What is up with Yall. ??????? The show was very good. It was so different than your run of the mill shows. Please, Please bring it back. Thanks.
Posted 12/30/15 at 10:56:28

I was quite upset when I saw this was was going so well
Posted 12/30/15 at 09:18:58

I agree I wish they wouldn't have cancelled this show.
Joyce Richard
Posted 11/30/15 at 11:52:52

An excellent show that kept one interested. Mistake CBS
Posted 10/17/15 at 13:32:43

Why? Really liked this show!! Why do they cancel the good ones and leave the bad.
Posted 10/11/15 at 08:46:18

This is bullshit!! This was a great show! Why the hell did they cancel it with all the crap on TV. Finally a good show and they cancel it. Grrrrrr
Posted 08/18/15 at 15:35:41

This was a good show to watch, I liked the storyline and the characters in it. But as with all good shows, it did run its course with the reveal of the bad stalkers and what they conjured up. How far can they go before being caught by LAPD's finest on the job?

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Genre: Drama / Crime

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Dylan McDermott (Jack)
Maggie Q (Beth)
Victor Rasuk (Ben)
Mariana Klaveno (Janice)